Spa and Pool Store Clackamas, OR

Whether you’re in the market for a fireplace to warm up with over the winter, a pool to cool off in over the summer, or a wonderful spa to enjoy all year, we’ve got you covered at Haven Spa Pool & Hearth. If you’re in the Clackamas region and need a spa and pool store to count on, look no further. We’ve been in this industry for nearly 50 years, and in our time serving our community, we’ve learned a thing or two about comfort.

We may not have started with outdoor pools, but in the years since we began selling and servicing them, we’ve quickly become pool experts you can trust. A pool is one of the best ways to transform your outdoor space into your own private oasis. But to make that dream a reality, you need Haven Spa Pool & Hearth. We’ll help you find the pool size and style that works best to bring your vision to life. We’ve got an extensive selection to choose from, so whether you’re interested in cooling off in the water this summer or simply want to veg out by the pool and get some sun, you know who to call.

Here at Haven Spa Pool & Hearth, we know how to help you escape the heat in the summer, but in the snowy Clackamas winters, heat is something you can’t get enough of. Whether there’s a blizzard outside or you just want a way to warm up, we’ve got you covered. We’re the Clackamas fireplace store you can count on to heat up your home when warmth is so hard to come by. Haven Spa Pool & Hearth has wood stoves for sale, but we can also get you a gas fireplace or pellet stove that fits the style of your home. Whether you want a freestanding heater or a fireplace insert, we have what you need to stay warm any time of the year.

If you want something that can take care of you all year long, we’ve got that covered too. We’re a spa and pool store, meaning we can provide the perfect addition to your home with a pool or one of our wonderful Clackamas, Oregon, hot tubs. You can cool off or boost the temperature, turn on your jets, and warm up after a hard day’s work. Haven Spa Pool & Hearth has an extensive selection of hot tubs for you to choose from. And don’t forget that we can also take care of your pool and fireplace needs! No matter how you want to transform your home, our superior products and high-quality installation will help make it happen.