Our company began in 1975 as Hot Water Doctors, the original wooden tub builder in the Portland-Vancouver area. Since then, our humble company has grown dramatically! As of 2019, we have three showrooms in Clackamas, Beaverton, and Vancouver. In addition, our service department is home to the most qualified and dependable technicians in the area. After thirty years of service, the Haven family is proud to be one of the most dependable and qualified spa, pool, and hearth dealers in the Portland metro area!

So how did we get here? Hot Water Doctors was founded by Doug, who specialized in building and maintaining the original round wooden hot tub. After opening the business, Doug recognized the need for additional service and support in the area and continued to expand. In 1991, Jeff Mix (future service manager and Yelp customer favorite!) was hired as a service technician. Just a few years later, the company traded hands for the first time. In 1996, now under new management, our first showroom opened in Clackamas under the name Spa Outlet.

In the coming years, several new employees came on board who would end up having crucial, longstanding roles here at Haven. In 1998, Randy Owens came on board. Randy would go on to lead our Beaverton sales team and stun countless customers with his extensive water chemistry knowledge! In 2000, future sales manager Cheyenne Mahncke joined the Haven family as well, and has focused on ensuring our customers have an exceptional experience every time they enter the Clackamas Showroom.

We expanded again by establishing the stove & fireplace division of our business in 2006 with Northwest Stove Specialists. We were finally a “triple threat,” meeting the spa, pool, and hearth needs of our customers!

Our business changed hands once more in 2007, when it was purchased by our current owner and general manager, Stephan Drapeau. With a background in HVAC, our new owner brought additional skill sets and knowledge to further our mission to provide exceptional product offerings and extraordinary customer service. Flash forward twelve years and we would be surprised if there was any issue Stephan and the team hasn’t encountered!

In 2017, our company underwent its most recent makeover when its name was changed to Haven, Spa, Pool & Hearth. With this name, Stephan chose to do away with the stale, “outlet store” image in favor of a name that recognizes the range of customer needs that we are proud to meet.