How to Close Your Pool

The winter season will be upon us soon and closing your pool properly is key to minimizing maintenance and potential repairs in the future. Save yourself time and money by using the following tips:

Close According to the Climate NOT the Calendar

Just because you’re one month closer to Christmas, doesn’t mean you need to close the pool quite yet. Late summers and early winters can throw a wrench in the works if you’re playing it by the book. Your pool should sit comfortably and consistently below 65 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid algae growth and other problems. Pay attention to temperature patterns and, if need be, add additional chlorine and algaecide in the late fall or early winter to protect your pool.

Don’t Let Chemicals Damage Your Pool

Algaecides are destroyed with high levels of chlorine, making the task pointless if done on the same day. We suggest that you shock the pool a week prior to closing time, then adding your algaecide the immediately prior to covering the pool. Tablets and floaters that contain chlorine or bromine can also damage your equipment and we recommend letting them run out completely.

Drain and Put Away Your Equipment

All water must be drained from your pump, filter, heater, and chlorinator. Neglecting to do so will freeze and crack your equipment. Remove, clean, and put everything away in their proper places so you can easily re-open the pool when the weather warms back up.

Perform Necessary Maintenance BEFORE You Close the Pool

Don’t procrastinate necessary tasks and then hope for the best upon re-opening. Algae and metal can quickly get out of hand, resulting in costly repairs in the future. You may even do permanent damage. Planning your closing ahead of time will ensure you don’t skip any vital steps. It also allows you to run your filter until the last possible moment.

Don’t Be Afraid to Hire a Professional

Are you worried you might miss something while closing your pool for the season? Don’t stress yourself out. When summer comes back around, the experts at Haven Spa Pool & Hearth are here to help! We offer pool maintenance service and repairs along with vinyl liners, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of fun in the sun!