Why Smaller Hot Tubs Are Ideal for Budget Shoppers

Hot tubs, both big and small, are great to dip yourself into after a hard workday. These heated tubs are therapeutic and offer you a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world around you. Thankfully, smaller models offer a more personalized hot tub experience for everybody. Here are a few reasons why smaller hot tubs are ideal for budget shoppers.

They Encourage Intimacy

Large hot tubs are a great getaway when you have friends and family over. However, if you and your partner are the only ones who want to get in the hot tub, you might think it’s not worth moving the cover and turning it on. If you have a small hot tub, you can avoid this issue and feel closer to your partner. These small tubs can be perfect for two or three people. If it’s only you and your partner, you’ll be able to relax and talk with them while absorbing all the benefits of a hot tub.

You Get a Good Product and Don’t Break the Bank

Smaller hot tubs aren’t just more affordable; they also require less work and resources in the long run. Larger hot tubs require more water, more time and energy to heat up, and more time and product to clean. Hot tub size can seem like an unimportant factor, but a large hot tub can require over 200 more gallons than a smaller alternative. That’s a lot of water, time, and energy, and you won’t need to heat it once, but every weekend. This can add up over time.

They Fit on Your Property

Another great aspect of smaller hot tubs is that they can go almost anywhere. Not everyone can purchase a large hot tub, and even if they did, they might not have the space to have it. However, a smaller two- or three-person hot tub can fit in most homes. Compact hot tubs can function in the country or the city, as they’re great options no matter where you live.

These are only a few reasons why smaller hot tubs are ideal for budget shoppers, but it all comes down to personal preference and what works for you. You may want a larger hot tub, but a 3-person spa might make more sense. At Haven Spa Pool & Hearth, we can help you find the hot tub you need to care for all your needs.