What To Know About Circulation Pumps

How does your hot tub’s circulation pump work? As the name suggests, it circulates water around your tub so that the water constantly moves. It prevents your tub from becoming stagnant and helps filter impurities out of the water. Here’s what to know about circulation pumps, from what they do to why your tub needs one.

What Does It Do?

A circulation pump constantly moves water around your tub. It’s a low-flow pump that also filters impurities out of the water and provides a little extra heat. It even helps to treat your water chemically! On a high setting, it gets those jets flowing the way you like them.

Do I Really Need One?

Not all hot tubs and spas have circulation pumps. But what do you love about your hot tub? The moving current, the gentle heat, and the clean water all contribute to a relaxing experience. Your circulation pump does a lot of that work for you. It’s so quiet and understated that you may not have realized it’s there. But without it, your hot tub would be a stagnant pool of impurities and tepid water.

How Do I Fix Mine?

Is it completely dead? Is your water completely stagnant and full of impurities? Give Haven Spa Pool & Hearth a call. We can assist you with any circulation pump problems. And if you’re in the market for a new one, browse our selection of mid-range hot tubs to look for one that fits your needs.

Is it making noises? You could have a buildup of calcium or lime in your pipes. Shut off the power and close the valves on either side of your circulation pump. Check all your hoses and pipes. If they’re clogged up, you can remove those deposits with a stiff brush and some elbow grease. If there isn’t any buildup in the pipes, open the circulation pump itself. Because the pump also works to filter your water, it may have a little excess debris stuck in it from the filtering process.

Whether you’re in the market for a mid-range hot tub or are just curious about the anatomy of your current tub, Haven Spa Pool & Hearth is an invaluable resource. Your circulation pump is an essential part of your tub and needs regular maintenance. Now that you’ve read about what to know about circulation pumps, you can take proper care of yours and enjoy its many benefits.