What To Do With Your Wood Burning Fireplace in the Summer

Fireplaces are a significant part of your home where your family and friends can sit together and stay warm. However, there are a lot of months when turning on a hot fireplace is impractical because everyone is looking to find relief from the warmth outside. Read on to learn what to do with your fireplace in the summer.

Decorate It

Even when the fireplace is not in use, it is still a focal point of your home, and you should treat it as such. Instead of forgetting it exists until you feel the first fall chill in the air, give your fireplace some much-needed sprucing up. Fireplaces are beautiful spots in the home to decorate with flowers, candles, or other visually interesting elements.

Clean Your Fireplace

Winter is the best time to use your fireplace, and summer is the best time of the year to clean it. You should monitor the area in the winter to ensure that there’s no extra ash or wood around the fireplace that could lead to a fire in your home, but a deep clean is unnecessary. Summer is the best time for these cleanings, both for the outer hearth and the inside of your fireplace. Also, clear the soot and creosote build-up out of the chimney during the cleaning process by calling your local Chimney Sweep for service.

Stock Up on Firewood

Another decorative tactic you may consider is filling your fireplace with firewood. The entire space should be full of similarly sized and cut firewood, so the ends face the room. Doing this gives the area some character that doesn’t stray from its purpose, and when the temperatures start to dip, you have an ample supply of firewood ready for burning when the cold chill of winter returns.

Place Some Candles

Place some candles in the space to evoke the same ambiance that a fire brings without making your home hotter. Use scented candles to fill your home with a pleasant aroma instead of heat. A fireplace is perfect for setting the mood and bringing everyone together, and a few well-placed candles in the hearth are a great way to do that.

Now that you know what to do with your fireplace in the summer, you will be able to use it all year round. A fireplace is a wonderful investment because of its usability and the value it adds to your home. At Haven Spa Pool & Hearth, we are much more than a Vancouver, WA spa and pool store. We also have various fireplace options that you should consider adding to your home to enjoy all year!