What To Consider When Choosing the Right Size Hot Tub

Think about your lifestyle while you peruse Haven Spa Pool & Hearth’s selection of hot tubs. Which one is right for you—an intimate two-person tub or a big party-sized one? Here are a few examples of what to consider when choosing the right size hot tub. We’re here for you once you make your decision.

Designated Space

Where will you be installing your tub? Go out and look at your yard. When you install a hot tub, you obviously need to make sure that you have enough room for it, but think about the surrounding area too. You’ll need enough space around the tub to perform basic maintenance. And if you want extra room for plants and space for lounging, account for that in your measurements as well.

Number of Occupants

A basic two-person hot tub makes for an intimate setting for single folks or couples who live alone. Consider the occupants of your home and how often they’ll want to use the tub. Families with older kids and teens may do well with a tub that will comfortably seat at least five.

Are you hosting outdoor parties, though? How often do you have guests over—and do they like your tub too? Consider investing in one of Haven Spa Pool & Hearth’s 7-person hot tubs for sale if you have company over regularly.

Individual Comfort

Just because a hot tub can fit five people doesn’t mean all five will be comfortable. Factor in personal space when you’re looking at the inside of a tub. Look at the footwell at the bottom, and imagine how many pairs of legs will comfortably fit. You’ll want your tub to be a little roomy, especially if you’re using it for therapeutic purposes.

Think about the tub’s height compared to the average height of the folks who will be using it. Your taller guests may have a hard time getting comfy in a short hot tub because of its height (or lack thereof) and its limited legroom. Invest in a taller tub if you’re planning to have guests over regularly.

Whether you’re in the market for one of Haven Spa Pool & Hearth’s more intimate two-person tubs or one of our 7-person hot tubs for sale, think about your needs. How much space do you have? How much room will you need for your ideal tub? When you know what to consider when choosing the right size hot tub, you’ll take the stress out of the shopping process.