So you’re looking to buy a hot tub. The process can be a bit overwhelming, but don’t fear–we’ve compiled a list of considerations to make first.

A hot tub can be like a miracle to a homeowner–an economical investment to overall improve your health and increase relaxation. A hot tub is a major purchase, so you want to be sure to soak up all the information available in order to make the best decision for you and your family.

There is a good deal of homework to be done prior to buying a hot tub. To simplify the decision-making process for you, here is a general guide of what to consider when buying a hot tub.

Where Will You Put Your Hot Tub?

Location, location, location–it’s everything. Pick out the best possible spot for the hot tub to be installed and accessed in the long run. Measure the size of the space you’re thinking of placing it to know for sure what size hot tub will fit. Have certainty in your choice of the perfect location for you and your family.

Are You a Social Butterfly?

If you’re still wondering what to consider when buying a hot tub, remember that hot tubs aren’t one size fits all. Like cars and homes, hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes for individual needs and desires. Consider how this hot tub will be utilized the most—for mainly yourself, perhaps your significant other, or extended family and friends? Consider how many people you know when selecting the hot tub size you want and the number of seats it contains, so everyone can enjoy it together.

Are There Included Add-Ons?

Consider the cost and your overall budget. Hot tubs can range in price from a couple thousand up to around twenty thousand. After considering what size hot tub you desire, ponder on any additional features you may like. Is the tub to be used for fitness or recreation? More luxurious hot tubs contain incredible technology like waterproof speakers, LED lights, or Bluetooth ability for smartphone connection.

Besides the purchase price and included features, consider necessary items and services such as water care products, delivery, and an insulated cover. A trustworthy supplier should be upfront about what’s included in the initial cost of buying a hot tub.

Any Dealer Recommendations?

Choosing a quality hot tub dealer is just as important as choosing a dependable car dealer. Ask around beforehand for any recommendations from family, friends, and acquaintances in your area. Otherwise, a simple online search could be your best friend to find a suitable dealer to continue your search.

Reputable hot tub dealers will have the industry’s top-quality products available for purchase, with raving reviews of customer service. Haven Spa Pool & Hearth is one such hot tub dealer located around Vancouver, WA, with knowledgeable and experienced professionals ready to assist you in buying a hot tub that’s perfect for all your needs.