What To Consider Before Buying an Above-Ground Pool

Summer may seem far away, but each passing day is another day closer to the warmest time of the year. If you’re thinking about the seasons ahead and considering purchasing a pool for the family to enjoy, it’s the prime time to do so. Above-ground pools are easier to install than in-ground pools with a less-expensive initial investment. Prep work and maintenance during the offseason is still a factor to consider, but the entertainment and joy a pool can continually provide is well worth it. Here’s a list of what to consider before buying an above-ground pool.

Consider Size, Shape, and Depth

There’s no such thing as the perfect above-ground pool, only the perfect one for your personal needs and situation. The best pool will fit your budget, your family, and your backyard. Hence, consider the space you have in your yard and what dimensions you want and can fit. Above-ground pools come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. The shape can be oval, square, rectangular, or circular. The wall height will reflect the depth and how much water it holds.

Proper pool depth will depend on whoever uses the pool—the older the swimmer, the deeper it may be. Remember that a larger pool with greater depth will also require more maintenance.

Consider Who Will Use the Pool

The age of the users is a major factor to focus on when wondering what to consider before buying an above-ground pool. Adults are one matter, but young children or grandchildren can drown in shallow water. Safety is always paramount around a pool. When researching different models and styles, consider the users’ swimming ability and the main function the pool will provide.

Consider the Type of Framework

After the above considerations, it’s time to decide on the type of pool that suits your home and your family’s lifestyle. Since above-ground pools come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, keep in mind that these factors will impact maintenance and durability for years to come. Inflatable pools are budget-friendly, but steel-frame pools will be stronger for an increased depth and size. Resin-frame pools are just as durable as steel-frame pools and are also easier to maintain. However, they tend to cost more. Your choice is truly up to your preference of maintenance and durability in the long run.

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