What Happens When You Don’t Winterize Your Pool

They say winterizing an above-ground pool is a personal decision. But why does your pool get no say in the matter? If you truly treasure your pool, you’ll take the necessary steps to protect its condition for the long run. Sure, your backyard may not look as appealing with the pool cover on, but it’s necessary to maintain the beauty and condition of your pool and keep your equipment primed for springtime since an above-ground pool can be the epicenter of your backyard oasis.

Snow can illuminate the beauty of the season, but cold weather and moisture can wreak havoc on your pool. If you live in a cold climate, then the importance of winterizing your pool is clear. Read on to uncover more about how to winterize an above-ground pool and what happens when you don’t do so. 

Pipes and Lines Can Freeze and Burst

Homeowners know to protect the pipes inside their homes come winter, but pool pipes also need care and attention before the fiercest cold arrives. Take extra precautions before and throughout the season before you close your pool. If you run water through the filter and pump to ensure steady water flow, the water won’t build up and freeze. Otherwise, the high costs of repairs and electricity bills are sure to come your way.

Potential Algae Infestations

The harsh weather conditions throughout the winter season can create potential damage to more than just the pipes. If you don’t winterize your pool, the water could turn green with algaeor worse, bacteria called pink algae can grow. If the chlorine system stops functioning, you’ll say adieu to the beautiful blue pool you know and love. Come spring, your pool will be a homely sight and cause a real dent in your wallet. Bacteria that feed on algae could even cause health risks. To protect your pool and your family from this issue, properly clean your pool during the winterizing process and occasionally peek under the cover to check that nothing has gone amiss. 

Filters May Get Damaged

Pool filters are key aspects to keeping your pool clean as well as safe to swim in. A variety of filters are available for your pool when it’s in use. However, if you don’t winterize your above-ground pool with attention and detail, this filter may crack and lead to an entirely detrimental situation for your pool. Disconnect plugs and valves before ice forms and expands due to pressure.

If you have an above-ground pool, going through this winterizing process is sure to save you from a pool that crumples like a pastry. If you’re looking to invest in a pool, find a supplier that ensures their customers will enjoy their pools for years to come. Haven Spa Pool & Hearth has swimming pools for sale in Clackamas and the surrounding areas. Let us help you find a suitable pool for you and your family to enjoy in the wonderous Pacific Northwest summertime.