If you own a pool, then you know how important it is to regularly check and clean the water; keeping it clear and free from contaminants. The thing is; even with careful use, all manner of organic materials such as dirt, oils, lotions, fats, detergents, and even pollen can accumulate on the surface of the water and attract even more dirt and debris forming scum, which can leave unattractive lines on the walls and tiles of your pool and cause the water to appear brown, cloudy, or have a thin “film” or foam above it. Worse yet, this organic waste may clog up your filter and potentially cause more problems. When this happens, your pool needs to be treated and clarified. One way to address this issue is by using enzymes. Yes, those enzymes: you know, the substances produced by living organisms that initiate and increase chemical reactions between different types of molecules? Some enzymes, like Lipase, can be found in our bodies (our pancreas, actually): lipase helps break down dietary fats. Some; like Bromelain, can be found in Pineapples: this enzyme helps digest protein, and can be bought as a powder used for tenderizing meat.

So how do enzymes help clean your pool? Well, they can actually help by digesting oils lotions, and other organic residue. They remove the ugly “pool lines” and prevent foaming; as well as ensure that your filter is clean by digesting the scum before it gets a chance to clog up. When paired with a suitable surfactant (a substance that can separate compounds on a molecular level) such as chlorine, the enzymes remove all the organic waste to allow the chlorine to disinfect the pool water more effectively. This translates to a reduction in the sanitizing and shocking treatments you need to keep your pool water clear and a reduction in the cleaning time for your filter and pool tiles: this means increased savings for you. Better yet, enzymes are environmentally-friendly and leave no nasty chemicals in your water.

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