Understanding Why Your Spa Water Is Cloudy

A warm, clear, and bubbling spa is the perfect way to soothe daily worries and relax your troubles away. But what do you do if you peel back the cover to discover a haze in the water? Never fear—swim spa and hot tub owners around the world have faced this exact situation before.

“Milky” and “dense” should only ever be used to describe the condition of a perfect cappuccino. If your spa resembles your favorite beverage, the water is clearly suffering from a lack of clarity that is a direct result of a number of potential factors. Let us look at these factors a bit closer to help you understand why your spa water is cloudy.

Filter Problems

This is the perfect starting point to examine, as you may need to clean or replace your filters. Cloudiness in water can stem from inadequate filtering or inaccurate installation. A filter’s intention is to sift out any particles or contaminants from the water that typical sanitizing chemicals do not clear away. If the filter looks as if it has build-up or is doing a poor job of filtration, it’s either time to switch it out for a new one or increase the filter cycle.

Poor Levels of Water Chemistry

Balanced water chemistry isn’t difficult to achieve, but it can be difficult to maintain. A good water care routine takes time and dedication to keep the water clean and clear. If your water looks cloudy, the chemistry may be off. Remember that the ideal pH level is around 7.8 percent. Cloudiness commonly occurs if there is too much alkaline scale from calcium build-up. Test your water and check its chemistry level in order to adjust it accordingly. A clarifier may help in this case.

Containments and Bacteria Growth

Everyone knows that bacteria love moisture and truly thrive in warmer temperatures. Over time, bacteria can form a thicker substance that is known as a biofilm. This biofilm can break off in the water and induce a hazy layer. Just as you clean your own bathtub, it’s crucial to frequently clean the water inside a swim spa or hot tub and keep it covered to ensure it is free of debris or build-up.

The Human Element: Top Offenders

Humans can be the number one culprit that creates cloudy spa water. To provide a further understanding of why your spa water is cloudy, consider the products you use on your hair and skin. If you do not rinse off before getting in the spa, all these products will transfer into the water. With time, lotions, deep conditioners, hairspray, sweat, and even dead skin cells can cause an accumulation that leads to cloudiness. A good shock will usually help clear up these particles.

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