Top Reasons To Get an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

Every investment has its pros and cons, and certain features are worth every penny you put into them. Consider an above-ground swimming pool for your home. Millions of people living across the US own pools for a wide variety of reasons—but mostly because they’re fun.

There are tons of quality pools on the market, and you’re sure to find one that fits your current budget and lifestyle. However, many homeowners are confused about the kind of pool they should purchase. In-ground pools are more expensive to build and maintain, but above-ground pools don’t suit everyone’s needs.

Due to the pandemic, people are continuing to turn to alternative approaches to common issues. Last summer, NY Mag stated that finding an above-ground pool was almost as difficult as finding toilet paper—and we all know how vexing that search was. Let’s take a closer look at the top reasons to get an above-ground swimming pool this year.

Affordable Refreshment

Purchasing and installing a pool isn’t financially feasible for everyone. However, introducing a pool into your own yard is still a possibility for those on limited budgets. Compared to in-ground pools, above-ground pools are drastically less expensive, and you can save thousands of dollars on labor and materials. You’ll have more money in your pockets for a rainy day.

Swimming pools are the epitome of refreshment during the dog days of summer. Consider scaling up from a cheap kiddie pool or garden sprinkler to a better solution for the entire family. You can beat the heat, stay conveniently close to home, and take comfort in the fact that a beautiful pool is available to you at any time.

Foundation for a Healthier Lifestyle

Besides mere refreshment and fun at a reasonable cost, above-ground swimming pools are also great for personal well-being. A swimming pool can contribute to a healthier lifestyle and get former couch potatoes outside to enjoy some fun in the sun. It’s even better than watching TV inside while listening to the hum of air conditioning. Swimming is a popular sport, and it can involve a variety of games. You can have lots of fun in the pool without even realizing you’re doing exercise.

Many physicians and health experts consider swimming to be a perfect all-around form of exercise, as it tones muscles, builds strength and endurance, helps maintain a healthy heart, lungs, and weight, and also takes the physical impact of stress off your body’s limbs and joints. Time spent in the pool can encourage other healthy habits and lifestyle choices, such as stress and anxiety relief and good eating habits. Or you can just hop in the pool after dinnertime to work off a burger and fries and get your metabolism moving.

Favorable Memories for the Kiddos

If you’re a homeowner with kids, especially young kids, there’s no better time to invest in an above-ground pool for your family. The addition of a pool to your home creates a special place for them to grow and play, a treasured environment where you all can spend time together as a family. A pool can be a gift to your children, one that they will enjoy throughout their childhood.

Can you remember back to your childhood and the fond memories you have tied to swimming? Whether it was fun with friends at the community pool or time spent with family at a personal pool, these memories stay with you throughout life. If you can purchase a pool for your family this year, you’ll create a private oasis where your kids can make memories in the safety and comfort of their own backyard.

Ground-Level Maintenance and Upkeep

For those who have never owned a pool before, keep in mind that above-ground pools require less upkeep than other types of pools, as they are elevated and smaller in size. Compared to in-ground pools, above-ground pools are ideal for homeowners who don’t have as much time for excessive maintenance. However, you do want to keep them clean and in good condition so you can enjoy them to the fullest.

Many people forgo purchasing a pool because of the demanding and costly maintenance it usually requires. But instead of completely giving up on the dream of owning a pool, today’s buyers can select one on the market that minimizes the cost of upkeep and is relatively easy to maintain.

User-Friendly Installment and Removal

Above-ground pools are fortunately very simple to install and remove from one’s property. One of the top reasons to get an above-ground swimming pool is that it doesn’t have to become a permanent addition to your yard. You can choose to make it a seasonal pool and disassemble it with ease to store it away during the colder months. This also prevents it from experiencing damage during the fall and winter, when conditions outside become harsh.

Instead of a built-in pool that is expensive and difficult to tear out, above-ground pools are an easier commitment to make for the short term. They also don’t negatively affect your property value. And they’re convenient for renters who can simply pack it up when they move out.

Safety First: Elevation for the Win

Traditional above-ground pools have a safety feature built in: pool walls. Since the walls of the pool are above ground, it’s unlikely that any children, adults, pets, or even wildlife to slip or fall into the water. Customized railings can further enhance the element of safety during your quality time spent splashing in the sunshine.

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Top Reasons To Get an Above-Ground Swimming Pool