Tips for Replacing Your Hot Tub’s Filter

When your hot tub’s pumps, jets, and filters are running at top capacity, it’s easier to maintain the balance of chemicals in the water. Clean filters ensure clean water for each dip you take in the tub. Whether you’ve got a 3-person spa or a big tub that fits the whole family, remember these tips for replacing your hot tub’s filter when the time comes.

When Do I Need To Replace It?

We recommend a complete filter replacement around once a year. In the meantime, every month, take it out and give it a good rinse. Your filter is the silent hero of your hot tub; it traps dirt, debris, and other unwanted particles to keep them from circulating back into your tub’s water. If you notice algae or debris in your water that isn’t being filtered out, it may be time for a replacement.

When you perform monthly maintenance, check the center of the filter. If it feels loose or if there are any tears in the polyester “paper” element, replace it outright.

Getting Started

Drain your tub completely before starting any replacement steps. Page through your owner’s manual and locate the filter. Its location may vary, depending on whether you’re working with a 3-person spa or a single-occupant hot tub. It’s usually nestled in a little cradle that you can pop off with a screwdriver.

When you see the filter itself and inspect it for looseness or damage, compare it to the replacement filter. If your current one looks similar and isn’t weathered or torn, you may just need to rinse it off and put it back.


Once you’ve removed the housing cradle from around your filter, removing the component itself can be as easy as a counter-clockwise twist. (Keep your owner’s manual on hand during this entire process to check your own tub’s configuration.)

You may only need to rinse off your current filter to get the grime out from between the folds. But if it’s been a year or if the filter is damaged, grab a replacement. When you replace the filter in its housing, don’t just reverse the process used to remove it. Place it securely into its housing cradle and replace the cover.

Rebooting Your Tub

Now that you’ve got the replacement filter in place, refill the tub and fire it up! Let the water circulate for a few hours to get the whole system running smoothly again.

If you like to host hot tub parties and your tub gets a lot of use, you may need to replace the filter more than once a year. However, an annual replacement is a good rule of thumb for the average user.

Haven Spa Pool & Hearth is dedicated to providing you with a pleasant—and clean!—hot tub experience. Follow these tips for replacing your hot tub’s filter when the time comes and give us a call if you’ve got any questions about our tubs.