Tips for Opening Your Swimming Pool This Spring

The warmer weather creates a joyful sensation. It’s about time for summertime pool parties with friends and family!

Before the summer fun can begin, you should read these helpful tips for opening your swimming pool this spring for a smooth process.

Get the Supplies You Need Before Starting

You decide it’s time to open your pool. As the process goes along, you realize you don’t have all the tools you need to finish the job.

When it’s time to open the pool, you’ll need several items to start the process. Some essential pool supplies include the following:

  • Test strips
  • pH increaser and decreaser
  • Chlorine tablets
  • Alkalinity and calcium increaser

Brush Off the Pool Cover

Water, leaves, dirt, and debris accumulate on the pool cover through the off-season. Remove extra water on top using a pool cover pump. Next, use a soft broom or plastic rake to push away any lingering debris on top.

Clean and Dry the Pool Cover Before Storing

The job isn’t quite over yet. You can safely remove the pool cover after cleaning it, but don’t immediately toss it into storage. Clean it with a hose one more time and dry it thoroughly. You can use a towel, but leaving it outside to dry for a day or two is more effective.

A wet pool cover can develop mold and mildew in storage, making it unusable. It’s important to extend the life of the pool cover for as long as possible. Fold it gently and store it in a safe place until wintertime rolls around again.

Add Water and Spruce Up the Pool

The first pool cleaning after the winter season is the most important! It may take a few days for the pool to become safe for swimming.

First, add water to return the pool to its average water level or slightly above the skimmer. Turn on all of the pool equipment to get the systems running.

Next, it’s time for deep cleaning. Use a net to remove any lingering leaves, branches, and other debris. Then, use a vacuum and a brush to clean the floor and walls. It’s essential to make the surfaces like new so the chemical additives are the most effective.

Check for Leaks and Tears

No matter the type of pool, it’s essential to check for any potential leaks and tears. You want your pool in pristine condition for the spring and summer weather.

While cleaning, examine the pool lining, filter, pump, heater, and valves. Excess water on the ground is a clear indication of a problem.

Haven Spa Pool and Hearth can provide the right tools to open your swimming pool this spring. If you need additional assistance or face any complications along the way, our team is ready to implement a high-quality service so your pool is up and running in no time!