Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe Near a Pool

Your children are smart and can know how to keep themselves safe, but that doesn’t mean they are protected from everything. For example, a pool can be a great addition to your home, but you must go out of your way to ensure your children’s safety while playing in it. Read on to learn how you can keep your children safe near a pool.

Keep an Eye on Hazards

The pool water itself can be a hazard for inexperienced swimmers, but there are also a few other hazards you and your children should keep an eye out for. For example, there are drains, openings, and pipes that could catch onto someone’s swimsuit or even fingers and small limbs. These are natural parts of the pool and cannot be removed, so the best advice is to always keep an eye on children when in or near the pool. Teach your children some basic safety rules and always have a responsible adult near children whenever they are in the pool.

Teach Them To Swim

Children can have fun with pools without needing to learn how to swim, but by teaching them, you can ensure they are much safer and have more fun. It can take some time to teach your children to swim, but it can save you a headache and provide them with a lot more safety and fun when in the pool. Of course, even after they’ve learned how to swim, you should still supervise them in the pool to guarantee their safety, but you can let them have a little more freedom.

Supervise the Children

In addition to watching for hazards and being safe on the edge of the pool, you must also have someone always watching the children. You can leave your children unsupervised in other parts of life where accidents are less common, but a pool is not the place. You should supervise your children when swimming, but also do everything you can to keep them away from the pool when it is not explicitly pool time. You can do this by keeping toys away so they don’t attract your children to the pool and installing a tall fence with a gate so they cannot stumble into the pool and hurt themselves. Or, consider a safety cover as another good option.

Keep your children safe near your pool with these tips because a little precaution can go a long way. These tips are great for both pools and hot tubs. At Haven Spa Pool & Hearth, we supply you with various models of pools and value hot tubs. While we make them as safe as possible, you must also ensure that you and your children are safe when using them.