Tips for Keeping Kids Safe Near Your Above-Ground Pool

Now that you’ve installed your above-ground pool and invited your friends over for a dip, it’s time to keep a sharp eye on your pool. It comes with safety concerns you should be aware of, especially if you’ve got young ones running around. With these tips for keeping kids safe near your above-ground pool, you can enjoy a relaxing summer without worry.

Read the Safety Instructions

Every pool, such as Haven Spa Pool & Hearth’s above-ground swimming pools in Portland, comes with its own safety guide. Read that guide, then read it again. Every pool model is slightly different, from radiant to stock tank to hybrid, so knowing their individual instructions is important.

Fence It In

Create an extra barrier between the kid and the pool. It must be at least four feet high. It’s harder for a child to slip into the water unsupervised if they have that extra obstacle in their way.

Keep Swimming Gear Around

Make absolutely sure that all the kids at the party are strong swimmers. Even if everyone can swim, keep life jackets, water wings, and various floaties on hand.

Do You Know First Aid?

Take a water safety class and get certified in CPR. You must be prepared for every possible situation—including the worst. Keep at least one throw ring by the pool at all times.

Stay Vigilant

Pool parties are a great way to catch up with friends while having fun in the sun, but make sure you’ve got your eyes on the pool. Don’t drink alcohol if you’re the one tasked with watching the kids.

Set Rules

Take inspiration from the signage at public pools. Draw up a set of pool safety rules, print them on a visible sign, and enforce them. Discourage excess horseplay, and don’t let little ones run around the deck at top speed.

Cover It Up

Once you’re done playing for the day, use a secure cover to close up the pool. Kids may want to sneak out for a dip after dark, but a pool cover puts that temptation at bay.

Haven Spa Pool & Hearth has you covered when looking to purchase an above-ground pool for your yard. After that, it’s up to you to keep that pool a safe source of fun. These tips work wonders for keeping kids safe when they’re in or near your above-ground pool.