The Yard and Hot Tubs: Finding the Perfect Installation Spot

People love their yards, and more people spend more time outdoors than ever before. Many homes have decks where you’ll spend a lot of time, but there’s also a lot of outdoor space for you to experiment with. More people are also buying hot tubs but are unsure where to install them. Read on to learn how to find the perfect spot to install your hot tub.

Your Deck

The most common place where people place their hot tubs is their deck. It’s a great place since it is relatively close to your doors leading outside, which makes connecting it to power much more straightforward. A deck is also a great option since you can have some sort of coverage, which lets you use it even in some troublesome weather conditions. While all of this is true, you still have a lot to consider if you want your hot tub on your deck.

Hot tubs are humongous and store a lot of water—sometimes up to multiple hundreds of gallons. All of this water adds weight, and hot tubs therefore require a great deal of structural support. Many older decks require some remodeling to ensure they can support the hot tub’s weight, and even newer ones may not adequately support the immense weight. However, outside of this element, the deck is a fantastic option for hot tubs.

All decks can support the larger 10-person hot tubs and all the water sloshing that comes with them if you ensure that it’s properly braced. It could be okay if you don’t brace your deck, but it is more likely to break your deck and cause many issues. You should check your deck to ensure you have it braced correctly, and if it isn’t, then you should work with some professionals. They have access to all the tools like beam-design charts and software to ensure everything works together correctly, and you can then safely use your hot tub.

A Concrete Pad

Another option for hot tub placement is out in the yard. However, while you may want your hot tub in the yard, you’ll need to invest in a platform for the hot tub, like a concrete pad. As previously mentioned, hot tubs can weigh a lot, and they can sink unless you have a solid foundation. Grass and dirt are not great for hot tubs, but concrete pads are.

Still, you must adequately calculate how much your hot tub will weigh and what size it’ll be. Depending on the size of your family and how many guests you want to entertain, you may need to invest in a larger hot tub that can accommodate 8, 9, or even 10 people. All those people, plus the weight of the water, plus the weight of the hot tub itself can all quickly add up. Ensure you’ve calculated all of this in advance so the concrete pad can adequately hold the hot tub and not create further issues. If your concrete pad is too small or not thick enough, it can sink further into the ground, tilt, and damage your hot tub.

The Pros and Cons of a Yard Hot Tub

Outside of these planning factors, putting your hot tub in the yard is a fantastic option many will choose. Being farther away from the actual home means you can experience more sunlight and good weather without the walls or shade getting in your way. At night, you can also look up at the stars!

Unfortunately, this also means that you’ll encounter harsh weather like rain, thunderstorms, and snow, depending on where you live. Thankfully, you can set up a pergola or something similar to give yourself some shade! Unfortunately, the distance also means you’ll have a more challenging time setting up plumbing and electricity, and in the winter, you’ll have to trek through the snow to actually make it in the tub. Remember, though, that once you get in the water and look at the sky, it’ll all be worth it.

A Gravel Foundation

Many more people have used gravel for their foundation instead of concrete in recent years. It is relatively similar in design to a concrete pad but will still require a slightly different design. Since gravel isn’t as supportive, you’ll need to dig a 6-inch pit, line it with landscaping cloth, and then fill the first two-thirds with medium-grade gravel. From there, you’ll use fine pea gravel for the top layer. Using the pea gravel for the top layer is smart because you can quickly level it, ensuring that the hot tub you install stays level and doesn’t tilt or sink in one direction.

When constructing your gravel base, you should remember to expand it beyond the size of your hot tub. This retaining border is essential for keeping the stone in place when your hot tub is on it. Additionally, on top of everything, it is also great for drainage. The water will go right through and into the surrounding soil, watering your yard. This drainage is excellent, as it also reduces the risk of slips and falls when people enter and exit the tub. This gravel works just as well as concrete, looks nice, and is a more affordable option, costing about half of a concrete pad of the same size.

An Indoor Hot Tub

While most families will install their hot tub outdoors in their yard or deck, you can still get an indoor spa. However, with that said, there are few options for places to put an indoor tub since there are likely only a few places where it could fit. In addition to size, you must consider drainage and ventilation if you place your hot tub indoors.

There’s likely to be some spillage when you have a hot tub, but you must also drain it once every few months to clean it properly. When it comes to steam, you better have some excellent ventilation because that moisture can quickly accumulate on the walls and in the wood if you’re not careful. Again, indoors is not an option that many go with, but if you want it inside so you can use it even in the harshest weather, you must have a proper place for it.

Now that you know how important it is to find the perfect spot to install your hot tub, you can guarantee your setup will be perfect. Of course, you’ll still need to take care of all the minor details during installation, but it will work great at the end of the day! If you have trouble finding a spa and pool store in Vancouver, WA, look no further than Haven Spa Pool & Hearth, where we have all kinds of hot tubs to meet your specific needs!

The Yard and Hot Tubs: Finding the Perfect Installation Spot