The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Hot Tub

Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes and with a variety of features and functions, depending on the model. With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start. Check out our ultimate guide to finding the best hot tub to find the spa that’s just right for you.

Overall Cost

The first factor that many people consider when shopping for hot tubs is the cost. Hot tubs are an investment, and the high dollar value can be intimidating for some people. Luckily, many hot tub dealers have financing options, which allows customers to come home with the perfect hot tub, no matter the cost.

In addition to the spa itself, there are a variety of features that can boost your overall hot tubbing experience. Many of these features can be added onto your hot tub at an additional price. For example, there are hot tubs with a minimal number of jets, but more expensive models can have multiple jets which will increase the quality of your therapeutic experience. Other features include Wi-Fi monitoring, ozone water treatment, saltwater systems, adjustable jets, advanced filtration systems, and more.

Hot Tub Size

One of the most critical factors for you to consider when shopping for a hot tub is the size and shape. Hot tubs come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different needs. Most spa owners do opt for the standard square hot tub, as it offers the most traditional look and plenty of room for multiple hot tubbers. However, these traditional square tubs are available in a multitude of different sizes.

For example, a smaller hot tub will usually accommodate anywhere from 2-3 people. If you don’t expect to be entertaining in your spa or sharing it with multiple friends or family members, then a smaller unit might be just the one for you. Other mid-range models can accommodate 4-5 people. Then there are the huge hot tubs that can hold anywhere from 7-9 people at a time. Hot tubs like these are perfect if you love to host parties and have guests, but if it is just you and your partner who will be using the hot tub, then consider one of the smaller models.

Hot Tub Purpose

While a bigger hot tub may be too much for just you and your partner, it would be a good option if you plan to use the spa for water exercises (this is much more difficult in smaller models). On the other hand, if you are solely interested in exercising, you may want to consider a longer hot tub that would allow you to swim in place. There are also artisan-style hot tubs that are oval-shaped or decorated in a way that makes them look and feel more natural.

One hot tub that is quite different from its counterparts is the wooden hot tub. These were once the traditional hot tubs, until the spa industry since moved onto using more modern materials like fiberglass and acrylic. If you chose to go with a wooden hot tub, you would use an alternative heating source, like gas or woodfired. Because you wouldn’t be using electricity, you can also have these hot tubs off the grid.

Know What To Avoid

In addition to knowing what hot tub to look for, it’s important to know what to avoid. For example, jets are a significant selling point with hot tubs, but the number isn’t the only thing you should look for. Instead, focus on the size and placement of the jets, which is more important to the quality of your therapeutic experience. Also, avoid focusing on the cost of the spa to the exclusion of other important factors, as a lower price tag may result in considerable repair costs down the line.

When shopping for a hot tub, you will also want to consider where on your property you would like the hot tub to go. Some homes, porches, and backyards can only accommodate specific sizes and types of hot tubs. The worst-case scenario could be that you end up with a hot tub that is too heavy for your porch and cause it to break! Similarly, you might envision the perfect location on your property, only to discover that it is too far away for you to connect the tub to the electricity and water.

Additional Features

In addition to the hot tub itself, there are a variety of features which you can add to transform a particular unit into the spa of your dreams. Some features to consider when purchasing your hot tub are:

  • Additional jets
  • Drink holders
  • A cover
  • Headrests
  • Steps
  • Audio and light equipment

None of these features will make or break your hot tub experience, but they can certainly make your soaking experience much more luxurious. Of course, a hot tub can be incredibly relaxing without these additional features, but these features make the experience all the more special and likely to meet your unique therapeutic needs.

Your Hot Tub Shell

In addition to these other features, it’s important to find a hot tub that’s made with the material that’s right for you. Manufacturers typically make their hot tubs from rotomolded plastic, vinyl, or acrylic, and each one is unique. For example, an acrylic hot tub shell will be incredibly durable and extremely smooth, with a seamless finish. Acrylic spas also maintain water temperature better than their counterparts, which is part of why the material is more expensive. One downside to be aware of is that acrylic tubs can also be heavy. Once the hot tub is installed, it won’t be easy to move.

Rotomolded plastic, on the other hand, is lightweight and portable. It retains heat fairly well, but not quite as well as acrylic and some other materials. This is the cheapest option available. Vinyl is the most common hot tub material and is somewhere between rotomolded plastic and acrylic in terms of cost. Vinyl is also less durable than acrylic and does not retain heat very well.

Finding the best hot tub for you can seem overwhelming, but with this ultimate guide, it doesn’t have to be. After you’ve decided which kind of hot tub is right for you, look no further than Haven Spa Pool & Hearth to meet all your hot tub needs. We have everything from smaller, more intimate hot tubs to massive seven-person spas that can accommodate you and all your guests. We’ll help you find the right hot tub for you and your vision!

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Hot Tub