The Health Benefits of Using a Hot Tub Post-Workout

Working out makes you hot, tired, and sweaty, but it also puts a significant strain on your muscles. You need some time to recover, but what is the best way to recover and feel rejuvenated enough to get up and start working out again the next day? Read on to learn about the health benefits of using a hot tub post-workout.

Deeper Relaxation

After cooling down after your workout and ensuring your heart rate has returned to normal, the hot tub is one of the best options for recovering. The heat from the hot tub will help put you in a relaxed state, something you desperately need after putting your body to the limits during your workout. If you stay tense and rigid following a workout, it is much more difficult for your muscles to get the relaxation and stretching they so sorely need. Of course, you can relax after working out without a hot tub, but the heat from the spa encourages an even deeper relaxation that will significantly help your muscle recovery.

Jet Massage

In addition to putting your muscles in a deep state of relaxation, you can also get a jet massage from a hot tub. Many hot tubs have different jet systems, but overall, you can often find a variety of neck and back jets in most hot tubs. These jets shoot intense streams of hot water at those sensitive points in your back and neck, working to melt away the tension you’ve gained throughout the workout. Some even have rotating ports to distribute a pulsating massage over a wide area. There are even some hot tubs with more jets designed to specifically target different areas of your back, wrists, feet, and legs.

Better Sleep

Another reason it’s excellent to use a hot tub post-workout is that it can significantly help your sleep. After a workout, your body is tired, but it may take a little bit for your brain to get there. Outside of this, many people will struggle with issues such as insomnia that can disrupt their sleep, leading to them not fully recovering from their workout. In addition to the benefits listed above, a hot tub can also help you have a deep and restful sleep that, in turn, will help your muscles recover faster.

A hot tub has numerous health benefits for you post-workout, but finding the right hot tub can still be somewhat of a challenge. Thankfully, you can rely on us at Haven Spa Pool & Hearth. We are your preferred hot tub dealer in Portland, Oregon, and we can help you find the perfect hot tub to meet your specific wants and needs!