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Taking care of your wooden Gazebo

  • Posted on Oct 18, 2018
Taking care of your wooden Gazebo

A Wooden Gazebo is an excellent addition to any yard, providing a space for relaxing, entertaining, and just enjoying the weather. Generally meant to provide shelter or shade; wooden gazebos can be easily adapted for a number of different functions: add a bar and some bar stools, or add a hot tub, or maybe add a couch, and you can unwind however you choose. Of course, to ensure that you always have a place to relax (or party); your wooden gazebo also needs some TLC. To this end, your Haven Spa Pool & Hearth team would like to give you some pointers on how to take care of your wooden gazebo.

  • Keep your wooden gazebo clean – the basic step in caring for your gazebo is to clean it: make sure you remove any leaves and garbage, and remove any plants or weeds that may be starting to grow on the wood.
  • Keep water away – Water is not your gazebo’s friend. Remove any excess water or puddles in or on the gazebo and keep it dry. Don’t use too much water when cleaning the wood and keep it as dry as humanly possible. If your gazebo uses unpainted or untreated wood; then make sure to treat it against water by using either a clear waterproof sealant or a tinted waterproof sealant. Treat the wood against termites (if it hasn’t been already).
  • Keep your wooden gazebo well-ventilated – Like we said above, excess moisture is not good for wooden structures like gazebos. Keep the area around your gazebo airy by trimming shrubbery and plants growing around it that prevent proper ventilation.
  • Keep the roof leak-free and clean – Inspect the gazebo roof and check for any leaks and holes. Have these repaired as soon as possible. And while you’re up there, be sure to clean the roof and remove any debris such as leaves, branches, and plants that may have been fallen or been blown onto it.

Do you want to have your very own wooden gazebo for relaxing and unwinding? Haven Spa Pool & Hearth offers a wide selection of Visscher™ gazebos that are made from SPF lumber harvested from Canada and painted using their double-coat paint process. We also carry Covana™ brand gazebos as well. Visit one of our showrooms in Clackamas, Beaverton, or Vancouver; request a quote, or contact us online for your product inquiries and for more information.

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