Benefits of a Swim Spa

Finding a moment to relax, let alone the time to get back in shape is difficult during any time of the year. With the help of a swim spa, you will be well-equipped when it comes to staying in shape or finding a few moments to unwind.

Reasons to Own a Swim Spa

  • Benefits of Both a Spa and Poo: Swim spas come equipped with hot water jets to help you unknot those muscles after a long week of work. While they are designed differently than a traditional swimming pool, it is large enough to fit multiple people and allows room for swimming. The only difference being the size and depth.
  • Compact Size: For those who do not have the space to put a pool in their backyard, you can install a swim spa instead. As stated above, they offer the benefits of a pool without taking up too much space on your property.
  • Exercise: Swimming has long been touted as one of the best forms of exercise as it is low-impact. Swim spa gives you the ability to swim laps in your own backyard. The water jets can be adjusted to put out various speeds. Turn off the jets so that you may do other water-based exercises such as water aerobics. Since it is located on your property, it encourages exercise through its convenient location.
  • Installation is a Breeze: Unlike an in-ground pool, swim spas are placed above ground which makes installation extremely easy (and saves you thousands of dollars compared to an in-ground pool installation). Above-ground spas make it easier to transport if you move to another home which means your investment will not be left behind.
  • Year-Round Use: Swim spas can be placed indoors and outdoors. Install in a sun room or the side of an enclosed porch so that you can use it during the rainy or snow season.

Swim Spas in Vancouver, WA

The convenience of a swim spa is the number one reason why you should look into one for your home. Residents of the Vancouver area can look to Haven for your swim spa needs. Our TidalFit model comes in various sizes to fit a home or backyard of any size. Peruse our site for additional information about our spas and other items.

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