Have you tried swimming for weight loss?

We’re sure you’ve heard it all before: Exercise is important for fitness, and regular exercise, coupled with a balanced diet will go a long way towards maintaining good health. Of course, exercise is something that is very challenging for most: there’s the anxiety of being in a gym full of incredibly chiseled and ripped musculature that makes you feel like the proverbial (and sometimes even literal) elephant in the room, the feeling of having bitten off more than you can chew when you try the machines or weights for the first time, and the feeling of just being out of your element…the struggle is real (to try and keep fit, anyway).

Swimming for weight loss might be the answer for you!

Maybe you are out of your element. Maybe; just maybe, your element is…water! If you have a pool, then you can say goodbye to the gym. Water exercises are a great way to shed off some extra poundage: in fact, just the act of swimming can burn fat. Even if you’re not Olympic-level you can still reap the benefits of a good swim if done regularly. Swimming has been known to be a good cardiovascular exercise, and works out all of the major muscle groups; thus targeting every area of your body. It also improves your overall strength, thanks to water’s resistance, so you can improve your core and upper body strength, leg strength, and endurance as well. Best of all, it’s fun! And this fun factor is what will keep you going; unlike doing reps on a bike or exercise treadmill. Of course, in the interest of safety, consult with your doctor before doing any exercise regimen. And, try swimming with a partner too: your friends, your spouse, your kids…they can help keep you safe as well, and give you much-needed motivation for exercise.

Here are some exercises to try in your pool:

  • Walking or running in water for a few minutes. This can be your warm-up for more strenuous swimming.
  • Pool yoga. Doing poses in the water makes yoga a little more comfortable (less sweating). Your body may also be more flexible with the water’s help.
  • Swimming for 30 minutes, which; depending on your current weight and the intensity of your exertions, can potentially burn from 90 to as Many as 550 calories or more. You can swim longer once you build up your endurance, but don’t force it.
  • Jumping up and down in the water can be a workout as well. Try to kick your legs up, if you can. Just be sure to land with your feet on the pool’s floor, and observe safety and proper balance

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