Simple Hydrotherapy Exercises To Do in a Small Hot Tub

Hydrotherapy is a beneficial treatment that revitalizes the body and makes it much easier to stretch and exercise. The combination of hot water and pulsing jets alleviates joint and muscle pain. Stretching on land can feel demanding on the body and difficult to do. But if you have a hot tub, hydrotherapy is a remedy that’s readily available at home.

Luckily, exercising and stretching in a small hot tub is simple! All you need is some guidance about which hydrotherapy exercises are the best for your goals.

Exercises To Treat Arthritis

Arthritis can limit one’s range of motion. It’s hard to complete day-to-day activities when your joints are frequently sore.

The combination of hot water and pressurized jets makes the body feel buoyant. It alleviates the stress on each muscle and joint so you can comfortably exercise. There isn’t a cure-all remedy for arthritis, but a hot tub is a wonderful resource to reduce symptoms.

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches are helpful exercises for people who have arthritis in the knees or hips. While sitting, extend both legs straight outward. Bend one knee at a time and pull it to your chest. Then, move the leg back out and conduct the same motion with the opposite leg.

Conduct 10 reps per leg for 2 to 3 sets. This exercise will alleviate pain in the hips and knees with buoyant and soothing water.

Stretches To Try After These Exercises

After finishing exercises targeted toward arthritis pain, try these stretches to improve your range of motion.

Hands, Wrists, Elbows, and Shoulders

Interlace your fingers, then rotate your hands so your palms face away from you. Push outward as far as you comfortably can and hold for 20 seconds. Repeat once or twice, but don’t force yourself to stretch further than you’re comfortable with.


The lower half of the body commonly suffers from arthritis pain too. Here is one stretch that will alleviate joint pain in the knees.

Place one hand underneath the thigh on the same side. Gradually lift the knee toward the chest. Ensure your back is straight so you can get the most out of this stretch. Hold the position for 20 seconds, then release. Repeat the same movement on the opposite leg.

Exercises To Ease Back Pain

Back pain comes in many different forms. It’s one of the most common issues people across the world endure. One way to build your strength and ease back pain is to try these two great exercises for the hot tub.

V-Sit Hot Tub Variation

Many people with back pain struggle with core strength. That’s where a hot tub comes in handy. It minimizes the pressure placed on the abdomen and back so you can easily strengthen your core. V-sits are common core exercises, but they might look slightly different in a hot tub.

While sitting, place your hands on the seat, and let your feet rise in the water. Then, move your legs upward until your body creates a “V” shape. Bring your knees to your chest, then stretch out the legs.

Repeat this movement 10 times for 4 to 5 sets. Remember to rest in between each set and stay hydrated. For additional back support, rest against the back of the hot tub seat. This will keep your back from slouching or wavering during the exercise.

Flutter Kicks

You may think of flutter kicks as an exercise for little kids just learning how to swim. Nevertheless, it’s a highly beneficial hot tub exercise to reduce back pain.

While seated, extend your legs outward and keep them straight. Kick your feet in an alternating motion for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat this exercise for at least 3 sets. Remember to continue engaging your core to strengthen the abdominal muscles and lower back at the same time.

Stretches To Try After These Exercises

Stretching after exercising is essential to allow the body to wind down. Try out these two easy stretches!

Cat Pose

Cat pose is a popular stretch in yoga for relaxation and easing back pain. Sit up straight in the hot tub seat. Then, slowly round the back forward and hold for 5 seconds. Return sitting straight up and repeat the stretch 7 to 10 times.

Lateral Trunk Stretch

Do you remember trying to stretch your back while sitting at your desk in school? There’s a more efficient way to conduct this stretch.

For the lateral trunk stretch, sit on the hot tub seat and put one hand on the opposite leg. Gradually bend your side toward that direction. Hold the position for 15 seconds.

Afterward, switch and stretch the other side of the body. Repeat this stretch at least 5 times on each side.

Exercises for Overall Fitness

Perhaps you decided to buy a small 2-3-person hot tub because you want to improve your overall health. There are many simple hydrotherapy exercises to try when you’re starting your fitness journey.


Squats are a classic exercise that targets the legs, glutes, and core. With your legs shoulder-width apart, bend the knees while moving the hips backward into a sitting position. Slowly bring the body back into a standing position and repeat the movement.

To enhance this exercise, try incorporating aquatic weights. Hold the weights at your side or chest. Then, perform squats as normal.

Leg Extensions

If you’re searching for another leg workout, leg extensions will tone the outer and inner thighs. Stand with your feet placed together, then raise one leg at a time horizontally. Pause once the leg is in the air, then bring it back to the floor.

Hot Tub Push-Ups

Push-ups are your average exercise on land. But if you’re looking for muscle growth in the arms and core, try doing a variation of push-ups in your hot tub.

Place your hands on the edge of the hot tub slightly farther than shoulder-width apart. Slowly bend the elbows to raise your chest down and up.

The great part about this exercise is you can move at your own pace. Whether you move your arms quickly or at a slower speed, you will still receive considerable results.

Haven Spa Pool and Hearth has incredible hot tubs available for purchase so you can achieve your health goals. Whether you want to alleviate pain or simply want to strengthen your muscles, hot tub exercises can help you get there.

Simple Hydrotherapy Exercises To Do in a Small Hot Tub