Recommended Pool Accessories

When the sun gets hot in the summer, there’s nothing quite like a dip in a swimming pool like those offered by Haven Spa Pool & Hearth. Having a pool of your own is convenient and luxurious, but it’s also a big responsibility. Keep yourself and others happy and safe by keeping these recommended pool accessories around.

Flotation Devices

This category covers a range of products, from water wings to pool noodles. Keep ring buoys close by, and if you’ve got little ones splashing in the pool, flotation-filled swimsuits are a smart and safe idea.

Water Testing Kit

Test your pool’s water on a regular basis to check the chlorine levels and pH. Overchlorinated water can lead to wheezing, skin rashes, and burning in the eyes. If you are unsure whether the chemical levels in your water are safe, call Haven Spa Pool & Hearth; our celebrated service department offers expert advice on all things pool related.

Pool Floats and Noodles

If you’re in the market for pools and hot tubs in Portland, you’re probably looking to have extra fun in the sun! Pool ownership is an enjoyable responsibility, too. Make your pool a relaxing place to be with your own inflatable hammock, and keep a supply of noodles on hand for playtime.

Skimmer or Leaf Net

If there are trees anywhere near your pool, you’ll inevitably deal with fallen leaves floating on the surface. Get rid of all the debris that finds its way into your pool by skimming it off the top. Skim your pool regularly to prevent leaves and dead bugs from piling up.

LED Lights

To add ambience and extra safety to your pool, line it with LED lights; there are many varieties designed for underwater use. An evening swim can be relaxing, but make sure you can see where you’re swimming.

Before you spend your day poolside, use this guide as a pre-swim checklist, both for safety’s sake and for your own enjoyment. These are just a few recommended pool accessories sure to guarantee a fun, memorable summer!