Recent Trends in Hot Tub Technology

Got tech? Technology is everywhere and anywhere in our modern world—no one can deny its reach and breadth. From smart beds that automatically adjust to your movements in your sleep, refrigerators that allow you to track its content, and toothbrushes that provide you with an inside look into your own mouth, there’s nothing like the cutting-edge evolution of top-notch technology. We are moving forward each day to a new era of sophistication and delightful oohs and ahs.

We can get by without modern innovations, but why would we want to ignore their pure convenience when they provide such satisfaction with their daily interactions in our lives? Hot tubs are surely no exception. Each year, the hot tub experience becomes more and more opportune and advantageous for one’s lifestyle. Today’s hot tub and spa shoppers can see how the face of the market has changed for the better.

The demand for hot tubs has increased greatly due to pandemic-related circumstances. With more time spent at home and an enhanced focus on overall wellbeing, now is the prime time to consider what these products offer to users. Before you decide to pull the plug or dive right in yourself, let’s take a closer look at a few of the recent trends in hot tub technology to keep an eye on. The scope of the market’s future is bright for sure.

Durable Engineering: Powerful Design and Care Options

Modern consumers depend on the precise engineering of technological products to provide relative ease and reliability over anything else. As the use and incorporation of the latest technology trends to denote quality, a quality hot tub design offers users the benefits of top-notch engineering. The engineered elements of a hot tub may be less apparent than visible features, but their regard for efficiency and durability are far more profound.

A spa equipped with a first-rate engineering system provides ultimate performance, purpose, and function. These state-of-the-art aspects offer notable qualities that truly elevate the modern at-home spa experience. Examples of high-tech hot tub engineering include long-lasting materials and hardware for durability, highly-powered efficient motors for jet and circulation systems for superior massages, carefully-built bases for protection, layers of insulation for structural support, more ergonomic design elements for comfort, and computerized water treatment and filtration systems for easy maintenance. Automated water-care relieves hot tub owners the burden of testing and balancing water levels, thus saving both time and money.

Added Features: High-Tech Showpieces

For additional pomp and pizazz to avant-garde hot tubs, you can’t go wrong with the plethora of technological capabilities various spas now offer to users. High-tech hot tubs come with choices of supplementary features that provide a stroke of entertainment genius to your backyard. Is music your jam? Powerful speakers with clear-cut sound are a suitable option for listening to your current playlists. Are you a film enthusiast? With Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone or laptop, you can even stream a flick, catch up on a Netflix show binge, or tune into your favorite podcast while enjoying a peaceful, personal soak in the spa.

Wireless remote control touchscreens are another feature option for users’ ease and convenience. A responsive control panel provides instant access to temperature, lighting, or jet intensity adjustment. You don’t even need to leave your comfy seat to change the settings to your liking. Multi-colored LED lighting features are also ideal for brightening or dimming the atmosphere or enhancing the overall spa experience with a rotation of radiant colors. Whatever mood you’re going for, your every wish is your high-tech spa’s command.

Sustainability: Energy Usage Reduction

Energy-efficient appliances and devices are widely popular for a multitude of reasons these days. While the conscious call for climate change and reducing one’s environmental footprint is great, so is the call for reducing energy usage for cost savings. Out of all the recent trends in hot tub technology, increased energy efficiency is a top contender on today’s market. Models that consider energy usage in engineering and design are ideal for hot tub owners who desire to maintain more sustainable living practices.

A major innovation in energy-efficient technology is the feature of remote power consumption monitoring. This versatile built-in component presents users with the ability to view how much energy their hot tub is using, and calculate how much running their spa costs. Other self-diagnostic tech controls can monitor and adjust temperature levels to prevent any unnecessary use of energy.

Don’t forget about better-fitting tops and covers to ward off heat loss and eco-conscious sanitizers. If energy efficiency is the endmost goal, a slew of solutions is available for use if you seek it. Today’s homeowners can still do what’s good for them while considering what’s good for the planet.

Swim Spas: Part Hot Tub and Part Swimming Pool

Swim spas are the latest revelations in the world of hot tubs and spas, as they provide numerous functions within a single recreational water unit. These larger tubs are a trend because they offer an affordable option to own both a swimming pool and a hot tub. Certain models of swim spas are double the size of traditional hot tubs and offer greater depth and accessibility to accommodate more people or activities.

Since wellness is a trend on the rise, these insulated all-weather pools are convenient for year-round swimming, fun, and relaxation for those who seek a balance of exercise, hydrotherapy, and recreation. Homeowners can easily bring their fitness regimes home or focus on family togetherness to improve physical and mental wellbeing. Either way, recreational water products are a superior quality-of-life investment well worth one’s consideration.

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Recent Trends in Hot Tub Technology