As the winter season approaches, it’s the perfect time to consider installing a fireplace in your home. Here are the top reasons to invest right now.

Homes around the country are preparing for the long winter ahead. For those in colder regions, dreading the cold that saturates into our very beings becomes the norm. Blankets, a good furnace, and hot cocoa may help, but nothing can take away the chill within a home like a cozy fireplace. However, the cozy, warm glow of a fireplace does not demand to be restricted to wintertime alone. Year-round fireplaces are a desirable feature within a home.

As fireplaces are becoming a common commodity in new homes, you may be looking to add one to your already existing home. Never fear—it can be a relatively quick, simple, and cost-effective enhancement based on multiple choices that are available to you. Read through these reasons to invest in a fireplace as you consider the comprehensive umbrella of their aesthetic, emotional, and financial value.

Higher Possible Resale Value

The demand for fireplaces tends to vary regionally—which is an unconditionally logical theory—but that demand is something to strongly think about in your considerations. Whether you are currently living in your forever home or planning to move within the next five years or so, a fireplace is a wonderful investment to make for financial value, and it doesn’t have to be highly expensive. Fireplaces are available in a wide array of price ranges.

There is nothing to truly lose by advancing your home with the addition of a fireplace—they are such attractive features. You’re not the only homeowner out there thinking about lowering utility costs and creating a lovely atmosphere. Art tends to mimic life. A fireplace within a living room or bedroom could be like a sensational painting coming to life before your very eyes. No matter the reason for the investment, you—or a potential buyer someday—will be thankful for the decision in the long-run.

Energy Efficiency Benefits

Heating bills during the winter season can be the absolute worst. If your bills have skyrocketed the past seasons, a fireplace may be perfect for your home. By installing a high-efficiency fireplace, you will be able to turn down the thermostat in your home to greatly reduce your heating costs during a long winter. While the true benefits of cost-savings will arrive a few winters later, it’s assuredly worth the investment you can put in now. You’ll be able to make a great return on the money you spent—getting back your invested money in energy savings simply by utilizing a fireplace as a secondary heat source.

Build a Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainability is the way of the future. Every day more and more people are searching for ways to make their living patterns and lifestyles better for the planet in the long haul. One of the best reasons to invest in a fireplace is the distinct way it can help the environment. It doesn’t matter on the type of fireplace either—no fireplace is going to directly harm the planet.

If you prefer a more traditional fireplace, wood-burning could be the right choice for you. If you would rather have a fireplace for convenience, gas inserts or electric fireplaces may be the better option. Either way, wood-burning, electric, and even gas fireplace inserts have a total low impact on the environment. Wood is a renewable resource and reduces the burning of fossil fuel. Gas burns zero-emissions. Start building a more sustainable lifestyle by investing in alternative heating methods.

A Simple Home Transformation

Any type of fireplace will improve the overall ambiance you have in a room and the overall aesthetics within your home. As seen on HGTV remodeling television shows, a wonderfully organized interior can take the beauty of a home one step further. A fireplace can become a star centerpiece on a wall within a living room or bedroom. There are surely hundreds of styles and options available for you to choose from to make your fireplace unique and completely yours. A simple home transformation can be yours to dramatically change and improve your living space.

Low Maintenance & Easy to Enjoy

Depending on a homeowner’s personal choice of fireplace, there are varying maintenance methods to be performed annually to keep your fireplace safe and ready for use. Yet, not one particular way is incredibly high maintenance. Wood fireplaces may require buildup to be cleaned off, ashtrays to be emptied, and chimneys to be swept, but gas fireplaces are relatively low maintenance with no necessary service checks. The choice is entirely yours based on your specific needs and general desires. With gas fireplaces, you can simply flip the switch to enjoy its warmth and ambiance.

Inherently Calming Atmosphere

Humans have always been delightfully drawn to the look and feel of flaming fire—there is nothing quite as inviting. Fireplaces set a cozy ambiance unlike any other possible design element in a room. This speaks to woodstoves and inserts only, rather than all types.  Yet, the question ultimately remains: why settle for less than the real thing? A real fireplace is attainable to install into your home to achieve that deep-rooted tranquil atmosphere.

Entertainment Purposes

Fireplaces create a warm, welcoming, and comforting space. In fact, a fireplace could become the new favorite gathering place in your home. Whether utilized for close friends, romantic time with your significant other, or memorable family time, the variety of uses of a beloved fireplace as entertainment are truly unlimited.

Think of all the viable entertainment opportunities, such as hosting friends for a party, having a date night with your significant other, reading stories with your kids, or having a nice evening alone at home. A fireplace can enhance a romantic setting or simply turn into a treasured place to warm your toes. People will be drawn to the bright light and steady comfort the fireplace brings, no matter the occasion for gathering.

Whichever fireplace product you decide to invest in, search for a reliable company for your supplier and installation needs. Quality fireplaces are meant to last for decades. Haven Spa Pool & Hearth is one of the top fireplace stores in Portland, Oregon here to help. We have professional experts ready to assist you in finding the right hearth product based on your personal style, budget, and heating needs.