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INTREPID II Catalytic Wood Burning Stove

Compact and efficient, the Intrepid II wood stove offers classic warmth and timeless beauty.

The style and strength of 100 percent cast iron construction, combined with convenient features not often found on stoves of this size, put the Intrepid II in a class of its own. Enjoy longer burn times with the highly efficient catalytic burn technology.

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Appliance Width: 21-1/2″
Appliance Height: 24″
Appliance Depth1: 13-3/4″
Peak BTU/hr Output2: 37,000
Heating Capacity3: 600 – 1,800 sq ft
Maximum Burn Time4: 6 hrs
Firebox Capacity: 1.3 cu ft
Recommended Log Length: 16″
Efficiency5: 87.0%
Emissions: 2.1 grams/hour


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Catalytic burn technology offers more than 85% efficiency and longer burn times



Built-in ash pan for trouble-free ash removal



Thermostatically controlled combustion for longer, more even heat



Timeless cast iron styling with a furniture-quality finish



Convenient top load keeps smoke and ash contained and increases load capacity



Cast iron griddle top offers a versatile cooking surface for the stovetop chef