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TidalFit Swim Spa

EP14 Swim Spa

BHP (brake horsepower) is a maximum value measured by the motor manufacturer with no pump installed. Dry weight includes shipping weight, package and wooden runners. Dimensions, capacities and weights are approximate. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Images are digitally rendered and may or may not show optional features.

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Dimensions: 168 x 91 x 52 in. (427 x 231 x 132 cm)

Water Capacity: 1,680 gal (6,360 L)

Dry Weight: 2,250 lbs (1,020 kg)

Fill Weight: 16,845 lbs (7,640 kg)

Heater: 5.5 kW (North America, 60 Hz) / 3.0 kW (Export, 50 Hz)

Filters: Microfilter &
50 sq ft Filter


  • Warranty
    7-Year Surface Warranty, 5-Year Parts, Plumbing and Electrical, 2-Year Cabinet
  • 6 in. Maximum Tapered ASTM Cover
  • Advanced Digital Control System
  • Maintenance Free Kingwood Cabinet
  • BellagioFall Water Feature
  • (2) 18 in. Grab Rails
  • Heater: 5.5 kW (North America, 60 Hz) / 3.0 kW (Export, 50 Hz)
  • Full Foam with ABS Bottom
  • 12 V – 5 in. Spa Light
  • Hi-Flo Circulation System


  •  Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer

    (2) 5.0 HP True Variable Speed Swim Pumps with Built-in Speed Control

    (4) Directional 6 in. Swim Jets

    Built-in WiFi, Touch Screen LCD with Multiple Programmable Swim Workout

  •  Quad Swim Jet System

    (4) Directional 6.0 in. Swim Jets

    (2) 4.0 HP 1-Spd Swim Pump (with Speed Control)

  •  Hydrotherapy System

    28 Helix Jets, 6.0 BHP (3.0 HP continuous) 1-Spd Pump, BellagioFall Water Feature

  • Stereo System

    Advanced Integrated Streaming:

    Fully Integrated Bluetooth, WiFi, App Streaming and Internet Radio, (4) 3 in. Speakers, Subwoofer (Available Only on Variable Flow System)

    Bluetooth® Music Experience (N/A on Variable Flow System):

    Bluetooth Receiver, AM/FM, USB, Auxiliary-Input, (4) 3 in. Speakers, Subwoofer

    bba™2 Audio (N/A on Variable Flow System):

    Fully Integrated Bluetooth Audio Streaming, (4) 3 in. Speakers, Subwoofer

    Optional (2) 3 in. Patio Speakers

  •  LED Lighting

    DynaBrite Max LED:

    (12) 2 in. Lights, (1) 5 in. Light, Illuminates Water Feature
    [Illuminates (4) 6 in. Swim Jets (Available Only on Variable Flow System)]

    Multicolor 10 LED

  •  Water Purification

    Diamond AOP™

    Crystal ProPure™ Ozone Mixing Chamber


    Nature2® Cartridge

  •  Water Purification

    Diamond AOP™

    Crystal ProPure™ Ozone Mixing Chamber

    Nature2® Cartridge

  • Heater Valves
  •  Aquatic Training System

    Stationary Resistant Swim

    Rowing Bars and Resistant Cords

  •  Worldwide WiFi App Module

    (N/A on Variable Flow System) Download app for smart device to control exercise pool wirelessly

  •  VacuSeal® Lifter and Cover