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Encore FlexBurn

Made in the USA to be one of the greenest stoves in America, the Encore® FlexBurn™ is unlike any other wood stove on the market today. It adapts to your lifestyle, so you can choose to operate in catalytic or non-catalytic mode.

Efficient Design
The top load design of these stoves makes them easier to fill to nearly 100% of their capacity — leading to longer burn times and greater heat output. Plus you won’t have to fill them as often. The top load design is also safer, virtually eliminating the escape of hot embers while loading.

Our FlexBurn® design gives you easy-access to the catalyst system for easy cleaning and maintenance. And because our system burns so clean, our catalysts outlast other brands — providing years of reliable, clean and efficient heat.

Heat At Your Fingertips
These stoves give you the power of thermostatic control. Prevent over-fire and get longer, more even burn times by controlling the heat being generated. By simply adjusting the thermostatic air, you can use less wood and achieve a more comfortable room temperature.

Style For All Seasons
Vermont Castings stoves are designed to last a lifetime. Now they can suit any space too. A new Transition Style door model offers cleaner lines and a wider view to add a contemporary feel to a classic design. The new Twilight single pass enamel color suggests a hint of blue underneath a vintage Black, adding dimension and lift to a universally appealing color.

Accessories That Fit Your Home And Lifestyle
From Warming Shelves to the Stove-Top Steamer and Child-Guard Screen, we have the finest accessories to choose from to make your FlexBurn® stove work for you.

Available Colors: Twilight, Classic Black, Biscuit, Majolica Brown, Bordeaux

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Model – Color: 2040/2040T – Classic Black
2041/2041T – Biscuit
2042/2042T – Majolica Brown
2044/2044T – Bordeaux
Efficiency: 80% at 1.1 g/hr (Catalytic)
73% at 1.6 g/hr (Non-Catalytic)
Dimensions: 27″ (W)25-3/4″ (H)22-3/4″ (D)
Heating Capacity: Up to 1,800 sq. ft.
Max BTU/H (Wood): 65,000
Burn Time: 12 hours
Log Size: 22″
Firebox Size: 2.3 cu. ft. (50 lb. capacity)
Termination: Convertible
Certifications: UL / ULC
Ash Pan: Side–swing


From Warming Shelves to the Stove-Top Steamer and Child-Guard Screen, we have the finest accessories to choose from to make your FlexBurn stove work for you.

  • Warming Shelves
    Warming Shelves with mitten racks come in handy on cold winter days.
  • Spark Screen
    Spark screen for open-door fire viewing lets you sit back and enjoy the beautiful flames.
  • Enamel Pipe
    Matching enamel pipe comes in five standard colors.
  • Outside Air Adaptor
    Allows your stove to draw air in from outside the house. Beneficial for newer, more heavily insulated homes and required in mobile home installations.
  • Outside Air Termination Kit
    A termination specifically designed for use with the outside air kit.
  • Mobile OSA Kit
    Allows your stove to draw air in from outside the house. Specifically prepared for mobile home installations.
  • Blower Kit
    A variable-speed, heat-activated fan provides increased heating efficiency.
  • Gloves
    Made from durable leather, these gloves are so popular at our foundry, we’ve now made them available to you. Perfect for loading the stove when it’s already fired up and burning.
  • Cast Iron Stove-Top Steamer
    Available in all our enamel colors, these beautifully cast ornate steamers are designed to return humidity to the room air, creating a more comfortable atmosphere.
  • Cast Iron Wood Box
    With fine cast lattice work and ample capacity, it’s the perfect way to store all the wood you need to keep your home warm and toasty.
  • Cast Iron Trivet
    Depicting a traditional Vermont Castings foundry scene, this beautifully cast trivet is ideal as a cooking stand or to add visual interest to your stove installation. Cast in Vermont at our own foundry, this trivet features the same fine craftsmanship as our legendary stoves.
  • Thermometer
    This surface-mount magnetic thermometer is designed to work with all of our stoves. It allows you to make the correct air-intake settings and will tell you when it is time to reload the stove or shut the damper.
  • Child-Guard Screen
    Large enough to surround all Vermont Castings stoves, this portable safety screen allows you to have peace of mind that young children will not stray too near the stove.