The cold months of fall and winter seem to sneak up on us every single year. Rather than wait for the freezing temperature to hit, take measures to guard your family against the chill. There are a few simple things you can add to your home that will make all the difference. You will be surprised by the difference these steps make to the overall warmth of your home, not to mention the savings!

How to Weather Proof Your Home

  • Heat rises and will escape through your attic if it is not properly insulated. Add more insulation in your attic to prevent this from occurring.
  • Check your windows and doors for cracks that need sealing. Caulking cracks around windows and doors will help to eliminate drafts.
  • Replace old weather stripping on your doors and windows to minimize drafts and the cold from entering your home.
  • Be sure that your gutters are clean so that rain and snow can flow down freely. Otherwise, your home may suffer severe water damage.
  • Check your roof to ensure there are not any holes or missing shingles that will allow water to enter. Again, this can cause severe water damage during a storm.
  • Have your HVAC System serviced so that it runs more efficiently in the colder months. Nothing is worse than running the heater and still feeling like an icicle.
  • Have your fireplace serviced to ensure that it is safe to use. If it has not been serviced, you run the risk of fumes filling your home. The same goes for your wood burning stove. Make sure that you have it cleaned and checked so that it is safe to use.

Pacific Energy Woodstoves in Vancouver, WA

During the cold months, your home becomes a respite from the constant chill found outdoors. That is why you will want to take the proper measures to ensure that your home remains toasty warm. By following the steps provided, your home will keep you safe from the cold weather raging outside.

For an extra boost of heat without having to run your entire heating system, why not try a woodstove? At Haven, we provide woodstoves in a variety of sizes to fit any room. There is nothing better than relaxing by a real wood burning stove when the cold weather hits your town. For more information about our products, visit us online.