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Pre-natal and Post-natal Benefits of Water Spa

  • Posted on May 21, 2018

People have attested to the many health benefits of water spa including better physical and mental health, better quality of sleep, and fewer sick days.

For women, pregnancy is a combination of both physical and mental joys and pains. It is therefore vitally important that utmost care be given during and after birth.

Benefits of Water Spa

  1. Decreases Stress Hormone: The warm, gentle freedom of motion of aquatic massage coming from water spa is attested by many to reduce mental and physical stress. Women who have regular water massage showed reduced stress hormones such as Cortisol and Norepinephrine which are linked with stress.
  2. Increases Happy Hormone: Pregnant women can have mood swings. Frequent hot water baths in spas can significantly increase the happy hormones Dopamine and Serotonin, resulting to better mood regulation during both pre-natal and post-natal periods.
  3. Improve Blood Circulation: Pregnant women have increased body fluids which lead to swelling of legs and feet. This is also due to the increased pressure on major blood vessels. Water jets can help stimulate the joints and soft tissues that can improve blood circulation and waste removal by the lymph system.
  4. Improve Labor Outcome: Reduced anxiety and decreased depression along with muscle and joint pain relief are some of the benefits of water spa. Good muscle and joint functions can improve labor outcomes as well as newborn health. Also, maintaining the happy hormones can lead to fewer complications during birth.
  5. Better Sleep: Sleep can be erratic during pre-natal and post-natal periods. After delivery, the body is fatigued and exhausted. This plus the round-the-clock baby care will definitely rob the new mom of precious sleep. Getting enough sleep is vital to recovery of body and mind. Water spa’s relaxing effect can help promote and increase deeper sleep.
  6. Reduced pain: A variety of pains are known to accompany pregnancy and after birth. Water spa helps reduce back and leg pains, joint and nerve pain, including the numbness and tingling in the extremities. The gentle massage of water calms the nerves and soothes tired and tense muscles and joints.
  7. Some ‘me time’: New moms need a break from the overwhelming new responsibilities and complicated work experience of motherhood. Temporary postpartum blues related to hormonal changes, frustrations, and postpartum depression may set in. Emotional support and other calming benefits of water spa massage can help during this transition. Spending some time soaking in the spa allows the new mother’s mind to relax and renew her senses. The relaxation rejuvenates and refreshes the body and soul, and this newly rested body can now emerge lighter and more focused on the daunting task ahead.

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