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Pool and Spa Safety for Kids

  • Posted on Apr 15, 2019
Kids Pool And Spa Safety

Kids Pool and Spa Safety

Above-ground Pools and Swim Spas are great for relaxation, recreation, and family bonding. However; they also entail a great deal of care and responsibility, and they must be used properly to prevent any issues with regard to safety. Young children and toddlers are particularly at risk of slipping, drowning, and other pool-related accidents. In the interest of keeping your kids safe; we’ve decided to offer some tips to help you make sure that your little ones are far from danger.

Tips for kids pool and spa safety

  • Supervision is key – the basic rule for pool safety; whether it’s a full-scale swimming pool, an above-ground pool, or a swim spa: never leave your children in or near the pool unsupervised. If you need to go inside, take a phone call, or leave the pool area fir any other reason; it’s best to take your children with you and keep them nearby. You can also let another adult you trust keep an eye on them while you’re gone or busy.
  • Invest in flotation wear – It’s a good idea for younger kids to be wearing inflatable, Coast Guard-approved life vests and other flotation gear when they hit the water. Make sure that the gear fits your child snugly (try them on your kids before buying). For kids under the age of 5, get a flotation vest that also features a safety strap between the legs and a collar for head support to keep their head above the water. Steer clear of inferior-quality cheap products, and forget the water wings.
  • Avoid sunstroke and dehydration – Make sure your children are properly hydrated and drink plenty of fluids. Also, give them plenty of sunscreen and reapply often, as it tends to wash off while they’re frolicking on the water. While you’re at it, make them wear sunglasses and hats for maximum sun protection. If they’re starting to feel nauseated, dizzy, or lightheaded; then they need to rest and cool down inside the house. Don’t worry: they can swim later when the sun isn’t so hot.
  • Teach your children proper pool rules – Kids should not run, push each other, or engage in horseplay in and around the pool. If there’s an emergency; like a sudden onset of leg cramps, they should remain calm and call for help or raise their hands in the air if possible.

In order for your kids to fully enjoy your family swimming sessions; proper supervision and guidance, as well as knowledge of basic water safety habits are key to preventing any accidents and ensuring that you get the most enjoyment from your Above-ground Pool or Swim Spa.

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