Large vs. Small Hot Tubs: The Pros and Cons

A hot tub can contribute a lot of advantages to your home. It’s a spot for you and your family to relax and unwind at the end of the day, you can use it to take pressure off your muscles and stretch, and it’s a great way to entertain guests. However, you must find the right hot tub that works exactly for your specific needs. Some large hot tubs may be nice, but they have their fair share of pros and cons compared to small hot tubs.

Size Pro

The most obvious advantage of having a larger-sized hot tub is that it’s bigger! When you have a spacious tub, you can enjoy it in various ways, and more people can fit inside of it. As a result, your whole family can have some fun, and when you have guests over, they can partake in the festivities. The largest hot tubs can fit seven or eight people and are perfect for late-night hangs or post-dinner relaxation.

In addition to more people, the size of large tubs also provides you with a world of opportunity. Some people have begun to use their hot tubs as a place to relax or even exercise! The water’s weightlessness is excellent for those who want to do low-intensity exercises and stretches like squats or leg lifts. You can also practice some swim strokes, though it won’t be as efficient as in a pool. Still, it’s a great way to test things out and relax your whole body.

Size Con

You may not need all this space with all of that said. Depending on your lifestyle or family status, you may only have two or three people wanting to spend time in the hot tub at a time. A larger hot tub would prove unnecessary, as you would be far away from your partner, and there would be lots of unused space.

Just because you can do exercises and stretches in a bigger hot tub, that does not mean you can’t perform them in a smaller hot tub. A two- or three-person hot tub still has enough space for people to do some stretches, get some light exercise in, and feel the relief of the warm water.

Space Pro

A smaller hot tub that fits about two or three people may not be as spacious for lots of people to relax in, but what it lacks in that department, it makes up for with its smaller size. Unfortunately, many people don’t consider how much space a hot tub will take up right away when looking into purchasing one. And smaller hot tubs don’t take up nearly as much space as their larger counterparts.

Many see smaller hot tubs as a downgrade, but they’re much more versatile. You can have them installed relatively easily on a porch or deck. Furthermore, if a hot tub is in the yard, you can position it almost anywhere.

Space Con

On the other hand, a larger hot tub is less flexible. Because of its size, it’s more rigid, and you must work much harder to find the proper space on your property for it. There’s a lot you have to consider when installing a hot tub. The larger it gets, the more considerations you need to make. For example, many people want to put hot tubs on their deck. However, your deck may not be able to support the hundreds of gallons of water a large hot tub requires.

Larger hot tubs may not be able to fit on your deck in the first place because of their weight. In these instances, you need to put them in your yard. Additionally, you’ll need to pour concrete, as these heavier hot tubs cannot sit on unstable soil and grass. They require a solid foundation.

Cost Pro

This point is simple because, like most other products, the bigger you go, the more expensive it becomes. When cost is your primary determining factor, a smaller hot tub is the best choice. It’s much more affordable, and you’ll also spend less on the energy and water requirements it necessitates. While all this is true, don’t pick the cheapest and smallest option if you think that may result in your family not using it. An affordable hot tub that you don’t use costs much more than a slightly more expensive one that everyone uses.

Cost Con

Larger hot tubs are unfortunately more expensive than their smaller counterparts. There’s a tradeoff between having the bigger option and needing to pay more for it. On top of the upfront cost for the hot tub, you’ll also spend more money on water, chemicals, and electricity in the long run. While it’s more expensive, the price is still worth it if you’re looking for a hot tub that fits many people.

A way to think about it is by comparing it to food. If you’re feeding yourself, you can buy a personal pizza. But when you want to feed your entire family and friends, you have to order a large pizza, if not multiple. You have to shell out more money at the end of the day. However, everyone is happy, and you get a better outcome than trying to feed everyone with a personal pizza.

Manageability Pro

For manageability, smaller hot tubs are also a better option. Quality hot tubs result from precise chemical formulations, hardware, and filters all working together. To keep everything functioning as it should, you must purchase the right chemicals and filters constantly. Additionally, if there’s ever an issue, you need a hot tub specialist to come and make sure everything is working and replace broken parts. This maintenance will be easier overall for the smaller hot tubs compared to the larger ones.

Manageability Con

Because bigger hot tubs have more going on, you’ll need to spend more money and time making sure the chemicals are balanced, filters are working correctly, and more. Some maintenance procedures are automatic, such as chemical balance indicators. But even with these, you have to keep an eye on them to make sure they’re working as they should.

These are the pros and cons of large versus small hot tubs, and there’s no clear winner! Both hot tub sizes are great for the people who need them. So you should consider these factors to make your purchase. At Haven, Spa, Pool & Hearth, we can help you find the proper size hot tub, such as a three-person spa. We’ll also help you find the suitable model that you and your whole family will enjoy!

Large vs. Small Hot Tubs: The Pros and Cons