How To Throw the Perfect Summer Hot Tub Party

Summer is the best time for celebrating and having fun with friends, and with the weather so warm and sunny, you’ll want your party to be outside. Your festivities can include outdoor games and cooking on the grill, but when the sun goes down, everyone will want to move toward relaxing in your hot tub. Read on so you can throw the perfect summer hot tub party that keeps your guests entertained and asking when the next one will be.

Start With the Hot Tub

The first and most crucial part of your hot tub party that you should take care of first is the hot tub itself. To ensure your hot tub is in proper working order on the day of your party, you should check it out days in advance. This way, you can guarantee that the heaters and jets are working, but you will also be able to clean your hot tub. Without taking care of these factors before your party, you may run into issues, which could turn your hot tub party into a regular summer party.

After ensuring that your heating system is working properly, you must also make sure that your hot tub is clean. Before the night of the party, clean out your filters, sanitize the tub, and balance the pH levels. Cleaning the tub like this will keep algae blooms and white-water mold away and protect your party’s guests from potential risks like Legionnaires’ disease or Pontiac fever.

To help keep the hot tub clean on the day of the party, encourage your guests to clean their feet before entering. They’ll likely pick up some dirt or grass on their feet before getting into the hot tub, so prevent this from muddying your water and clogging your filters by providing guests with a towel to wipe their feet. Doing this will help keep the hot tub clean and in working order for the rest of the night’s festivities.

Plan a Schedule for the Evening

One important tip you’ll need to consider to keep your party running smoothly is that you should have a schedule. To keep things running smoothly, you should plan for other activities and have a general timeframe so that guests are not left wondering what to do and where to go. A fun party is one where you have a little bit of everything, but with that said, there should still be a little bit of organization to keep everyone happy.

The best plan for your hot tub party is to have various outdoor games that your guests can play, as well as a steady supply of food and snacks. Keep things open and available, so whether guests want to dip in the hot tub or walk around, they can do it freely. While not all guests want to get in the hot tub immediately, you should still have it heated and ready for whoever wants to hop in and relax.

Prepare for Forgetfulness

To keep everyone happy at your party, you must prepare for your guests’ forgetfulness. For example, people will often forget their own towels, swimming suits, or snacks. To accommodate this, stock up on snacks, sunscreen, bug spray, towels, and swimsuits.

In addition to your guests’ forgetfulness, ensure that you are not forgetful yourself. Get the essential party equipment you’ll need, and stock up on essential hot tub chemicals, filters, and cleaners to keep things in working order. The last thing you’ll want during your hot tub party is a malfunctioning heater that ends the night early.

Appropriate Food and Drink

In addition to having your hot tub in working order and fun games for guests to play, you’ll need some quality food and drinks. Hot tubs can quickly lead to dehydration if people are not consuming enough liquids, and a lack of food can also create issues. Get on top of these issues early by having plenty of snacks, foods, and drinks to keep everyone happy.

There are many options for food and drinks at these parties, and there is very little room to go wrong. One possibility for your party is a potluck where everyone brings their own food or snacks. Another fantastic option is having snacks for everyone, and then ordering some pizza later in the night that can satisfy everyone’s cravings. In addition to snacks and dinner, don’t forget to stock up on some desserts to leave everyone satisfied. However, with all this food, encourage your guests to eat outside the hot tub, as any spill or crumbs can create issues for the water and the hot tub pumps.

Also, be sure to stock up on plenty of drinks. It’s a party, so you should have a variety of sodas and beers to satisfy guests, but you should also stock up on different waters! Flavored sparkling water is incredibly trendy, so consider putting some of those in your cooler as well.

The Ambiance

Hot tubs are great for any time of the day, especially at night. However, nighttime hot tub parties require their own special planning. Consider putting out some LED lights near the hot tub to keep things fun and lively even after the sun has gone down. You could even invest in a floating or underwater light for the hot tub. In addition to lighting, don’t forget about the music. A little summer playlist can set the tone for everyone, and there are some varieties of speakers that you can have floating in your hot tub.

Don’t Invite Too Many People

One last consideration you must make for your hot tub party is the number of people on your guest list. You shouldn’t invite more people than you can fit into your hot tub. Having a cramped hot tub or having someone left out is not a fun time for anyone. Keep your party minimal, so everyone can spend some time in the hot tub and enjoy the warm water.

Throwing the perfect summer hot tub party will be easier said than done, but if you plan for everything and ensure nothing surprises you, you and your guests will surely have a great time. At Haven Spa Pool & Hearth, we will help you find the perfect hot tub to guarantee your parties and more low-key nights are ones to remember. We are one of the best hot tub dealers in Portland, Oregon, and we have an extensive selection for you to find the perfect hot tub for your parties this summer.

How To Throw the Perfect Summer Hot Tub Party