So you’ve decided to invest in an above-ground pool. Above ground pools are great investments: they allow you to have a fully functional pool at a significantly lower cost. Above Ground Pools are also easier to put up and remove, and they take up a lot less space. However, one distinct advantage that they have over their in-ground cousins is the fact that they are a lot easier to clean and maintain. This is because all of the Above Ground Pool’s parts are totally visible and within easy reach. Cleaning and maintaining your pool will make it last longer, keep swimmers safe, and give you a better overall bathing and swimming experience. Here are some tips for Above Ground Pool TLC.

Water Care

Firstly, make sure that your water is properly balanced: Maintain 80-120 ppm (Parts per Million) Alkalinity, Keep pH levels at roughly 7.2-7.6, Calcium levels at 250-400 ppm, and Chlorine levels at 2.0-4.0. This will ensure that the water remains free of algae growth, and keep your pool water from being too cloudy or too corrosive.

Secondly, use a Sanitizing system. This also helps kill algae, but more importantly, it kills bacteria. Chlorine is the chemical of choice, and the most effective type is called Stabilized Chlorine. It is usually added to the water in the form of a tablet, stick, granule, or cartridge.

Thirdly, use Water Clarifiers and Shock Treatments: the former prevents the water from getting too cloudy, and the latter prevents chloramines contamination, prevents the gradual buildup of water debris, and oxidizes organic contaminant matter.

Pool Care

The Above Ground Pool’s Pump and Filter need some love as well. The Pump forces water through the Filter which is designed to remove particulate matter and water debris. Run both of them at about 8-12 hours in the daytime, as running water prevents bacteria growth.

Next, use a Vacuum to clean the pool’s walls and floor, as well as the areas where the water has little or no circulation. Follow this up with a brush and work the brush over the gunk and bacteria that may be  sticking to the pool’s surfaces. Lastly, use a Skimmer to remove leaves and other debris that may be floating on the surface of the water. Skimming also makes the water look clean.

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