How To Keep Your Hot Tub Energy Efficient

While all pools, spas, and hot tubs come at some environmental cost, you can easily minimize that cost. A little extra care goes a long way in conserving energy. Haven Spa Pool & Hearth encourages you to learn how to keep your hot tub energy efficient.

Mind Your Jets and Blowers

Prevent your hot tub from losing heat by turning off the jets when the tub is not in use. Leaving the jets open encourages cold air to wander in from the outside. In addition, the blowers, which introduce cold air to the tub and create bubbles, lower the temperature of the water while the tub is in use. When that cold air hangs around, your tub’s heater has to work overtime. Save money and energy by going easy on the blowers and switching off the jets when you’re done in the tub.

Invest in a Cover

A hot tub cover is another powerful line of defense against cold air. Make sure that your cover is airtight, with no holes, gaps, or tears. If your old cover sags in the middle and creates a mini-pool of its own every time it rains, replace it! Reduce heat loss and unnecessary energy consumption by covering it tightly when you’re not using it. While you’re at it, turn down the water temperature before you seal it up.

Shop for an Efficient Tub

While newer hot tubs advertise extra energy efficiency, know exactly what makes them efficient. If you do browse through used hot tubs for sale, look for the features that will conserve that energy. Full foam insulation, high-quality construction, and an airtight cover will reduce your energy bill and your tub’s carbon footprint. Haven Spa Pool & Hearth is dedicated to providing well-constructed and energy-conscious tubs, whether you buy new or used.

Enjoy the luxury of your hot tub and live the green life at the same time. Peruse Haven Spa Pool & Hearth’s selection of new and used hot tubs for sale. Look at each tub’s features and prepare to care for it in an environmentally conscious way. A few tips on how to keep your hot tub energy efficient will go a long way in reducing your tub’s impact on the planet.