How To Drain and Clean Your Swim Spa

As a homeowner, you understand the importance and responsibility of proper maintenance to keep your house looking spotless and functional. As an investor, you place value in the investment of various things you own for the future. As a human being, you have a busy life and limited time to upkeep everything around you. How can you find a balanced solution to maintain your work, lifestyle, home, and investments at the same time?

Never fear—if you’re a homeowner who owns a home swim spa and are curious about the best way to care for your spa swim, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re wondering what matters most about the entirety of the process, we’re here to provide clarification to save you both time and money in the long run. Read on for further information about the worth of your investment, and learn how to drain and clean a hot tub or swim spa most efficiently.

The Worth of a Swim Spa

A swim spa can be complex to understand—it’s an inbetweener, or a “tweener” as some call this innovative vessel because it is neither a pool nor a hot tub. This also explains its wide and continual popularity over the last couple of years. With a swim spa, you get the best of both worlds as a combination of a pool and a hot tub, as it offers a great workout to start off the day as well as a means of unwinding recreation at the end of a long day.

Swim spas typically attract homeowners who are space-conscious about their living areas or those who seek an alternative to a large swimming pool. Most swim spa users like yourself pursue an investment in a swim spa for its truest benefits—either exercise, leisure, relaxation, or a method of therapy. To enjoy such benefits and its full worth, cleaning the spa and maintaining its structure are mandatory.

The Effort of Swim Spa Maintenance

While your ownership of a swim spa increases chances of true satisfaction in your own home or backyard, its swimming pool and hot tub combination can be detrimental instead of beneficial. There’s a difficulty that lies in executing your best swim spa maintenance. You may not have complete knowledge of how to drain a spa, the type of maintenance routine your spa requires, and which products will get the job done.

Swim spa maintenance does take time and effort, but that upkeep is about more than the need to keep the equipment and physical aspects of the tub in optimal condition. When you drain and clean your swim spa, you can be certain that the water is safe, clean to use, and beneficial to the whole family.

Water in the swim spa can become dirty, either over-chlorinated or under-chlorinated, or begin to smell strongly of chemicals. How can you be best aware of how to balance the water in your swim spa? Know this: a method to the madness exists to help you maintain the correct balance. This method keeps your swim spa in the same condition it was in when you installed it in your home, safeguarding the spa as a sweet haven and not a cause of torment.

Easy Steps To Drain and Clean Your Swim Spa

By now you are aware of the requirement to drain and clean your swim spa as maintenance. To get into the nitty-gritty on how to drain and clean your swim spa will take some time, but the steps are fairly simple to follow from now on.

The first step is to recognize when it’s time to drain and clean the spa. Some clear signs are any foul odors, cloudy water, or circumstances such as increased use, extra guest use, or infrequent use over time. You will know it’s time to act when any of these particular conditions apply to your swim spa.

Before you pull the plug to drain the spa, you have the option to flush out the plumbing lines. A good cleaner will pull out any nasty film or bacteria that has built up in the pipes. After this step, you can drain the spa. Spas may have an internal drain, so check your owner’s manual. Otherwise you can use a garden hose to physically drain the water out. Gravity works magically with this method. Another option is to use a sump pump to save time in the process. Don’t forget to check your town or city’s ordinances on where to properly discard the water drainage.

Once the water is completely drained from the spa, you can begin to clean the shell. Use a non-sudsy cleaner and wipe it away with a soft cloth or towel, with care not to scratch up the shell, jets, or controls. While you complete this step, you may notice specific interior spots needing more care. A mild remover cleaning product can rid the buildup from your spa. The final step to clean your swim spa is to then rinse thoroughly for any remaining residue. Once your spa looks spotless, you can fill it with fresh water and it’s ready for use once again.

How Often To Clean Your Swim Spa

Remember that to clean your swim spa is an ongoing and year-long process. Even if you don’t use your swim spa regularly, a set schedule and system will make the job easier. Bacteria and grime can build up rather quickly. The water’s chemistry needs continual daily monitoring, and you should change the filters every few months. Swim spa suppliers and dealers can extend details and further information to help with any lingering questions you may have about cleaning a spa.

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How To Drain and Clean Your Swim Spa