It’s that time of year again—that sad time when you need to close down your pool. Beginning to winterize your above ground pool may seem like an arduous and complicated task, but never fear! These tips will help you close up your pool with ease and simplicity. Read on for the necessary supplies and actions to take. You will become knowledgeable about how to close your above ground swimming pool for winter in no time.

When To Start Closing Your Pool

Paying close attention to your pool during the final days of summer has a vital impact on the pool’s condition when you open it back up in the spring. The first step is knowing when to close your pool. Depending on your location or region, the perfect time to close your pool can differ. The norm for closing your pool is when the average temperature at night falls below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cleaning the Pool

After deciding it’s time to close up, vacuuming out debris and skimming your pool is an absolute must. The water should be spotless to avoid stains, damage, or chemical changes from loose debris. Clean the pool before you lower the water level and again before you completely cover the pool for the winter. Remember to never completely drain a pool that is above ground. Generally, you want to completely drain the pool every few years. 

Managing & Balancing the Water

One important aspect to know about closing your above ground swimming pool for winter lies in balancing the water. Making sure the water is clean and clear is one thing, but ensuring a proper chemical balance is another. Before closing the pool, you should adjust the chemical levels of the water if necessary. These chemicals protect against corrosion and preserve the water’s overall quality when the pool is not in use during the off-season. You should also put in winterizing chemicals such as pool shock to defend the pool from the growth of algae, bacteria, and any other harmful elements during the off-season. Not winterizing your pool can lead to detrimental effects. 

Removing Pool Accessories & Draining Equipment

You should remove any accessories you have attached to your pool and store them for safekeeping. Examples include ladders, steps, mats, pool cleaners, skimmer baskets, alarms, and lights. At this time, you should also drain pumps and filters. Follow the specific instructions from the manufacturer of your pool’s pump, filter, and other standard equipment.

Using Air Pillows & Winter Covers

Air pillows are common for closing up pools but are not necessary. If you utilize one, inflate it with an air pump or shop vac and tie the strings to the sides of the pool. Whatever pool cover you choose will work, so long as it can tightly and securely cover the entire pool. Protecting your pool from the elements with a nice winter coat is the final step in closing your pool for the winter. Your pool will thank you once summer shows its face again.

It’s a myth that above-ground pools don’t last long; with the right care, you can enjoy your pool for a long time. Above-ground swimming pools are marvelous for summertime fun. Haven Spa Pool & Hearth are your go-to resource and supplier for above ground swimming pools in PortlandReach out to us for further information today.