Keep the Winter Chill Out of Your Home

After a long day of battling the freezing temperatures of the outdoors, the last place you want to fight it is in your own home. Rather than be bundled up as if you are ready for the slopes, look to a fireplace or indoor stove as a respite from the chilly winter weather.

Not only are they a functional appliance to add to your home but add a charming quality to your home’s interior. There are three types of fireplaces and stoves to choose from; wood, gas, and pellet. The decisions are based on the needs of your home. Keep reading for our helpful guide to choosing your new fireplace or stove.

How to Choose the Right Fireplace or Stove

A wood fireplace or stove is the traditional option and offers a great ambiance to your home. The price of fuel is also a draw as it the most cost-effective way to warm your home. If you are lucky enough, you can even cut and harvest the wood on your own property. Installation of a stove is a breeze if your home is already equipped with a chimney or an insert is placed into an existing fireplace.

Pellets, which are pure sawdust compressed into pellets, are used in stoves. They do not require the use of a chimney as they burn clean and hot. For example, a 2,000 square foot home can be easily heated using a pellet stove.

Gas is another efficient way to heat your home but does not require a chimney and does not emit as much particular matter as wood or pellets. You simply need to tap into the natural gas line of your home. The major draw is how quickly it will warm up a room which is great for early mornings when you have to rush out of the door.

Heating your home in terms of time and radius depends on the size of your fireplace and home. What is true is the fact that your home will be cozy and comfortable. At Haven, we provide all three types of fireplaces and stoves in various sizes. With a myriad of designs to choose from, everyone is certain to find the perfect fit for their home. Peruse our selection online or contact us for additional information.

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