How To Balance Your Hot Tub’s pH

Water chemistry isn’t exactly rocket science, but managing the pH level in your hot tub may seem like a never-ending science experiment. Nevertheless, hot tub owners need to be aware of how to properly balance these chemical levels to ensure their hot tub is safe for use. When the water inside a hot tub becomes unbalanced, the condition quickly deteriorates. Let’s take a closer look at how to balance your hot tub’s pH.

Understand the pH Scale

You may remember the explanation of acids and bases from chemistry class in high school. Acidic solutions contain extra hydrogen ions when mixed with water. Basic solutions have fewer hydrogen ions than plain water. What you need to know about these terms is where neutral water falls on the pH scale.

On the pH scale, 7 is the number of perfectly natural water. Any number lower than 7 is more acidic, and any number higher becomes more basic. When you test your tub for the pH level, keep in mind that hot tubs generally live in-between 7.4-7.6 on the scale. Your tub will thrive at 7.5, as this level is the gold standard of balanced water.

Since hot tubs can be fickle, alkaline serves as a buffer to reduce exposure to harmful contaminants and chemical scale build-up. The total alkalinity (TA) levels must be initially balanced to control pH levels. The ideal range is around 80-120 parts per million (ppm).

Choose the Proper Chemicals

To know how to balance your hot tub’s pH, you must select the right chemicals for the job. If pH levels are too high, you need to add acid to the tub with a pH increaser. The addition of acid will increase the concentration of hydrogen. If your pH levels are too high, you need to reduce acidic levels by adding alkaline chemicals to decrease pH. Too much acidity can be dangerous for users.

Ensure Adequate Mixing and Measurements

When balancing your hot tub’s water, keep in mind that pH levels drop faster than TA levels, so always correct your TA first. When you mix the correct chemicals for balancing, check the label to follow instructions to a T to protect your tub and yourself. Chemical brands and types can vary.

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