How to Balance Chlorine Levels in a Hot Tub

When you slip into your hot tub, you want to be confident that your water is free of bacteria and algae. The most effective way to keep that water clean is with chlorine. But if you’ve ever been in an overchlorinated pool or tub, your eyes and skin probably paid the price. It’s crucial to your comfort and the well-being of your hot tub to keep those levels balanced. Here’s a refresher course on how to balance chlorine levels in a hot tub.

Test the Levels

There are a few ways for you to test your hot tub water. Test strips, simply dipped in the water, will give you quick results. Liquid test kits are a little more fussy, as you must collect the sample and count drops of reagent, but their results are more comprehensive. You can also collect a water sample from the middle of your hot tub (not right next to the jets!) and ask your local hot tub store to test it. Haven Spa Pool & Hearth is staffed with dedicated hot tub dealers in Portland, Oregon that know hot tubs inside and out.

Too High?

If there’s too much chlorine in your tub (more than three parts per million), you can just let it sit for a day or two and let it balance out on its own. Diluting your hot tub water with fresh stuff is also an option.

For a chemical solution to the imbalance, use a neutralizer. Sodium thiosulfate is a good option, as it works quickly to break down chlorine and lower those levels to a safe range. You’ll be able to use it sooner than if you dilute the water or let it sit.

Too Low?

Too much chlorine can dry your skin (and possibly alter the color of your hair), but too little chlorine can make the walls of your hot tub grimy. That grime, called biofilm, results from bacteria buildup in the tub. It’s resistant to chlorine, and its presence decreases chlorine levels because the chlorine is working so hard to get rid of it and it won’t budge.

Shock your hot tub water. This will temporarily increase chlorine levels above the recommended range and work hard to get rid of that buildup. (Shocking the water once a week is a good practice in general.) An enzymatic product is also useful for tackling that nasty biofilm. Once the film is gone, the chlorine levels will be more stable.

Before your next dip in the hot tub, test the water to make sure it’s healthy and balanced. It’s easy to balance chlorine levels in a hot tub, and it contributes to the overall well-being of your tub and your own personal comfort. Haven Spa Pool & Hearth is home to the top hot tub dealers in Portland, Oregon, and your comfort is our priority.