How a Hot Tub Can Increase Your Property Value

You’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment out of your hot tub over the years, but now it’s time to sell your property and move on to something new. Will your house’s new owners love the hot tub? A high-quality tub, like those offered by Haven Spa Pool & Hearth, can be vital to the sale of your home. If you’ve lovingly maintained your hot tub over the years and kept it in tip-top condition, it’ll add that “wow” factor to the listing. As you and your real estate agent seek potential buyers, be proud to tell them about your hot tub, especially if it’s roomy enough for more than one person! Ahead, learn how a hot tub can increase your property value.

Type of Tub

What sort of hot tub do you have? Look at its surroundings, too. An in-ground hot tub, set into the yard and dressed up with plants and spa touches, could be a big selling point. A tub built into the ground adds tremendous value for potential buyers. Before you show your home, take the time to spruce up your tub—clean it thoroughly and add a little dressing. Just as you tidy up your home, tidy up your hot tub area, too.

An above-ground hot tub can add some value to your property depending on its condition, but generally not as much as an in-ground tub. Above-ground hot tubs are actually considered personal property and are therefore entities that are separate from the house. If you don’t find your property value increasing with the inclusion of the above-ground hot tub, you may benefit from selling the tub separately.

Personal Preference

Potential home buyers often have strong preferences regarding hot tubs—they either love them or hate them. While you may not be able to sway a hot tub hater, focus on the potential buyers who show interest in the tub. Extol its virtues, describe how well you’ve maintained it, and let them know how much party guests love it. Do the buyers enjoy big parties or solo relaxation? Depending on their preference, you can tailor your description of the tub’s history.

The ratio of hot tub lovers to hot tub haters may also depend on your location. Are there other hot tub owners on your street? If you know any hot tub owners who successfully sold their property, ask them how they pitched the hot tub to their buyers. If your neighborhood’s demographic skews older, they might use the tub to relax and ease muscle discomfort. But if there are younger folks on your street who like to throw parties, your potential buyers might like the idea of a hot tub party. A 2-3-person hot tub is an invaluable addition to any soiree; if you’ve got a bigger tub, let your potential buyers know how popular it is.

The Enjoyment Factor

Remember: don’t focus on the haters! The person who ultimately buys your home will love the hot tub just as much as you do. If your tub is built into the ground and blends in seamlessly with your yard, it’ll boost your property’s value. Your buyer will see themselves enjoying it regularly. When they compare all the different houses they’ve considered, they’ll remember yours as “that nice one with the hot tub.”

If you’ve got a bigger hot tub, that enjoyment factor comes into play again. A 2-3-person hot tub built into the ground conjures up images of parties and evenings spent together with a friend or a partner. Don’t forget to dress up your yard and make your tub a relaxing focal point. Creative landscaping can set up your hot tub as a luxurious, exclusive escape. Incorporate it into its surroundings!


Before you start showing your home, thoroughly inspect your hot tub and give it a good deep cleaning. A tub that looks dirty and dilapidated won’t add any value to your property! If any parts are broken or worn out, replace them and test out the tub to make sure it works well. Replace your filters regularly. When your potential buyers peek into your tub, they’ll need to see clean, clear water bubbling in it. If you choose to keep your hot tub covered when showing your house, choose an undamaged, aesthetically pleasing cover.

Clean the areas surrounding the tub, too. Sweep away dead leaves and debris on a regular basis. The longer you have your house on the market, the more often you’ll have to clean your hot tub. Make sure it’s sparkling clean before every showing.

Location, Location, Location

First, consider where you are in the country. Hot, arid climates may not motivate potential buyers to slip into a hot tub every day. But if you feel chills in the fall and see snow in the winter, that hot tub could prove crucial in someone’s decision to buy your home.

Think smaller now. Are you familiar with the other houses in your neighborhood? How many of your neighbors also own hot tubs? If spas and hot tubs are popular in your area, your own tub may not add significant value to your property. But if you’re the only house on the street with a hot tub, make sure your potential buyers know that. Emphasize how unique your home is, and folks looking to buy your property will see themselves in the lap of luxury.

The location of your hot tub within the yard matters, too. Is it easily accessible from your patio or deck? A hot tub that enhances the beauty of the rest of your property will add significant value.

When you put your home on the market, think about how your hot tub will factor into a potential buyer’s decision. The type of hot tub you have, the condition it’s in, and its location all play important roles. Focus on the buyer’s reaction to the tub’s presence and play up its many benefits if they seem interested. Now you know just how a hot tub can increase your property value! Tailor this information to your tub and pass it on to someone who will love it as much as you do.

How a Hot Tub Can Increase Your Property Value