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Hot Tubs Hacks to Try

  • Posted on Dec 18, 2018
Hot Tubs Hacks to Try

A Hot Tub is a good investment indeed. Not only does it provide an area for you and your friends and family with a place to relax in soothing jets of water; but it can also provide therapeutic relief for aching and tight muscles, relieve arthritis pain, and improve blood circulation throughout the body. Of course, in order for your tub to continue providing years of service to you; you must see to its maintenance and upkeep. In a previous blog post, we gave you tips about basic hot tub maintenance. This time, we want to share with you some practical hacks we’ve discovered that can help you continue maintaining your tub:

Use Bleach to clean the tub cover – Don’t know how to remove that musty, funky smell from the Hot Tub’s cover? You can apply a solution of nine parts Water to one part Bleach, pour the solution in a suitable spray bottle, and spritz the underside of your tub’s cover; preferably every 90 days.

Absorb oils using Tennis Balls – By dropping a few Tennis Balls into the tub’s skimmer or on the water itself, you can absorb oil, lotion, and hair and body product residue from the water into their fibers. Change these regularly if you and your family and friends use the tub often.

Use Pantyhose to keep re-circulated water clean – You can actually cover your tub’s filter’s lower inlets with some Pantyhose to maintain the water’s chemistry after changing it. The Pantyhose keeps dirt and gunk away from the filter system, thereby keeping it clean and prolonging your Hot Tub’s life.

Avoid Tub overflows by using a Timer – Don’t you just hate Hot Tub overflows when filling and refilling its water? You have two options: patiently wait for the Tub to fill, or; if you’re needed elsewhere, use a timer. The one on your phone will do. It’s a better alternative than having a humungous mess. Besides; water can damage the Hot Tub’s innards; and you don’t want that.

Keep a spare Filter Cartridge (or two) handy – You’ll never know when your filter cartridges will finally give up on you. Though they’re designed to last for a long time with a little TLC; it never hurts to have a spare cartridge or two around for quick replacement.

Filter your Tub water as you fill it up – You can improve your Tub’s water chemistry by using filtered water. If you’re filling up with a hose, a simple hose filter attached to the nozzle will help you filter out any undesirable solids in your water. This will ensure that your water starts out clean.

Cover your Tub – It seems simple, but one of the best ways to keep your Hot Tub clean is by covering it. Use a suitable Tub cover for the outside, and use a floating spa cover for the inside. The outside cover keeps your Tub’s temperature more or less constant and protects it from animals and insects as well as dust and other debris; while the inner cover keeps condensation moisture and other potential contaminants away.

Keep a few baseball caps handy – Why? Because people with long hair can use them to tuck up their locks under the cap and keep hair (as well as gels, sprays, and other chemicals) away from your Tub’s water.

Keep the Hot Tub’s temperature carefully-controlled – Keep your Hot Tub cold when it’s warm. And warm when it’s cold. Temperature control is essential to keep your Tub’s hardware functioning properly. For temperatures lower than 32°F (or 0°C), keep your Tub filled with water and frequently run it at normal temperature. You also have the option of winterizing your Tub. When temperatures go up, you can cool your Tub’s water by leaving the lid open at night and allowing cooler air to reach the water. Remember those tennis balls we used to clean the water? After you clean them, you can set them under your Tub’s cover to keep it open.

Keep the Tub’s Air Control Valves closed when you’re not using it – The Air Control Valve knobs on your Hot Tub allow cool air to mix with the tub’s water jets. However, this makes heating the Tub take longer. Keep them closed during the heating cycle so this doesn’t happen.

Shower before you use the Tub – This goes for everyone who uses the Tub. Showering ensures that any water contaminants such as skin cream, deodorant, dead skin, sweat, and sunscreen won’t seep into the water and gunk up the filters.

Proper Hot Tub maintenance is the key to getting the most benefit out of your Tub. Coupled with a few simple hacks, you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy soaking and relaxing in it for a long, long time.

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