Hot Tub Maintenance: Expectations Vs. Reality

How much do you know about hot tub maintenance? If you’re a new tub owner, you may have heard about fussy chemicals and draining it regularly, but keeping your tub in shape doesn’t have to be as hard as all that. Compare your expectations to the reality of hot tub maintenance and don’t sweat it. With regular upkeep, you’ll enjoy your hot tub for years to come!

Expectation: “I’ll Have To Drain It After Every Use.”

Nope! Every three or four months should do the trick. A hot tub isn’t like a bathtub. If you keep your hot tub’s water clean and balanced, you won’t have to drain it nearly as often.

Expectation: “A Hot Tub Is Easier To Maintain Than a Pool.”

While you are using less water in a hot tub than in an above-ground pool, they have many crucial parts in common. Hot tub filters need to be changed just like pool filters. In fact, since hot tubs are smaller, the concentration of body oils and other buildup in the water is higher.

Expectation: “Chlorine Tablets Will Clean the Water on Their Own.”

When it comes to cleaning and balancing your hot tub water, you can’t risk taking shortcuts. Chlorine tablets are suited more for swimming pools than hot tubs, and they’re not going to balance the pH or alkalinity of the water. If you’re not keeping an eye on the pH and calcium hardness in your tub, you may wind up with scaly buildup and grimy water.

Expectation: “Hot Tub Maintenance Takes a Lot of Time.”

It only takes a few minutes a week to test and balance your hot tub’s water. Sure, you’ll devote extra time to your tub when draining and refilling it, or when opening or closing it for the season. But those are seasonal chores, just like cleaning your grill or organizing your garage.

Expectation: “This Tub Is Going To Be Expensive In the Long Run.”

If you leave your tub at a lower temperature or on energy-saving mode when you’re not using it, the electricity can cost you as little as $15 a month. Hot tub chemicals are easily affordable, and Haven Spa Pool & Hearth’s selection of used swim spas for sale offers you a budget-friendly startup cost.

A hot tub can be a welcome and relaxing addition to your backyard—and one that’s surprisingly easy to maintain. The expectations of cleaning hot tubs and the reality are miles apart. If you clean your hot tub diligently, it can last you for years to come. Browse Haven Spa Pool & Hearth’s new and used swim spas for sale, and make your decision with no trepidation.