Relaxing in a spa may seem like a decadent way to spend your time but you may not know that the time you spend in it is actually beneficial to your health. Spas and hot tubs have been used as therapy and relaxation since the time of the Egyptians. The way we have enjoyed a good soak has changed exponentially over time but the benefits have remained the same. Here are a few health benefits that come from placing yourself in hot water.

Heat is the main reason why a hot tub is beneficial to your health. When your body is warmed up small physiological processes take place. Initially, your blood flow increases and it causes your blood vessels to dilate. Which is great if you suffer from high blood pressure as the warm water reduces it in as little as 20 minutes. Since the water maintains a warm temperature, your blood will continue to circulate and to get deep into your muscles for ultimate muscle relaxation.

No matter your weight or age, our joints have a lot of pressure put upon them on a daily basis. Your feet and ankles have weight placed upon them along with your knees and wrists being in constant motion. The buoyancy of the water will support nearly all of your weight. This gives your joints some downtime and greatly reduces the pressure placed upon them.

If you do not have time to hit the masseuse or chiropractor then a hot tub provides its own form of therapy. Since hot tubs are equipped with nozzles that emit jets of water and hair, it makes for great hydrotherapy. The user can control how strong they want their massage and focus on problematic areas of their body. Whenever your body needs soothing, all you have to do is hop into your hot tub.

Research conducted about the benefits of hot tubs have shown that they also aid in the reduction of back pain and diabetes. Long terms effects such as a decrease in pain or weight loss are a few reasons why you should make an investment in a hot tub. They are not solely for relaxation, which is a benefit in of itself, but hot tubs are an investment in your health. If you are ready to make your purchase, look to Haven. We provide high-quality hot tubs for that will aid in good health.