Have you ever been in your room during the winter and felt chilly, but you’re not sure how to warm yourself up? Or do you just want to add a little something unique to your space? Consider getting a freestanding pellet stove to bring the heat and the charm. Here at Haven Spa Pool and Hearth we have a variety of standalone pellet stoves, and each option has its own unique feel and purpose, so you can end up with the one that’s right for you and your home. We have all kinds of freestanding pellet stoves, like the bigger Piazzetta white pellet stove models or the cozier Enviro Meridian freestanding pellet fireplaces. Whichever one you choose is sure to make your Portland, OR, or Vancouver, WA, space feel whole!


The high-gauge steel frame and the cast-iron grate and firebox of the Piazzetta Monia 2.0 are exceptionally robust, reliable and durable Piazzetta pellet stoves.

Practical pellet stove with forced ventilation. Painted steel cladding, majolica top. Standard rear outlet, optional left side outlet. Control panel with digital controls, programmable. Remote management, optional remote control.