Great Workouts To Do in Your Above-Ground Pool

We’ve all heard about the remarkable benefits of exercising in water. Water magically provides built-in resistance to movement while simultaneously supporting one’s weight with low gravity. These contrasting elements of an aqueous environment offer a balance that reduces the demands on one’s joints.

An aquatic fitness program can be a wonderful workout choice for all ages, regardless of an individual’s swimming abilities. A backyard pool is a safe and comfortable place for exercising to build muscle, lose weight, or stay fit. Let’s take a closer look at several great workouts to do in your above-ground pool. It’s time to turn your personal pool into the satisfying workout center of your dreams.

Aerobic Exercises: Keep Moving and Grooving

Aerobic exercises prove to be quite strenuous—not to mention exhausting—on land. Fortunately, water aerobics burns more calories in a shorter amount of time than land-based activities. Basically, a water workout is less tiring up-front, and you don’t even need to churn out lap after lap to get great exercise. Simple forward-walking, walking in place, side-stepping, squatting, jumping, or aerobic dancing is easy to do in either waist-deep or shoulder-deep water. Keep your arms and legs moving for a full-body warm-up, and challenge yourself with more intensity or duration as time goes on.

Weight and Resistance Training: Tone Those Muscles

If you desire to level up your fitness game, resistance training is another top contender of great workouts to do in your above-ground pool. Working out your muscles in water lessens the impact of your movements without minimizing their impact on your body sculpting goals. That’s a win-win fitness situation. Utilize land-based hand-weight or resistance equipment exercises in your pool to strengthen your arm and shoulder muscles. Try out water-resistant bicep curls for yourself. Just be sure to keep a full range of motion under the water for the ultimate toning effect.

Kicking and Cycling: Dynamic Endurance

To work out your core, abs, lower back, and legs, focus on bicycling or kicking movements. You can either use a kickboard or hold on to the side of the pool or a noodle. No matter your choice of a base, rest your elbows back and target the workout towards your lower body. Kick or lift from your hips alternatively to hit your core at diverse angles. At the same time, watch out for others for safety purposes.

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