Purchasing a Hot Tub

While purchasing a hot tub comes with a bunch of unknowns, we can help you with making your buying decision. having the answers to these questions will put you further ahead in making your purchasing decision.

What to know before purchasing a hot tub

  1. How will I use my hot tub? In other words, are you purchasing it for relaxation or hydrotherapy? Knowing this will help you determine how many seats (and what depth), jets and other features, will be just right for you
  2. What size of hot tub do I need? This will be important to consider before making your spa purchase. Will it be used by you and your spouse, your family and friends, or is it just for you? This will inform you as to whether you need a 2-3 person spa, a 4-6 person spa or a larger 8 person hot tub
  3. Where will I put my spa? This is something to carefully consider before making a final commitment. Decide whether you want it under cover or out in the open underneath the stars. Also, do you want it just steps from your bedroom, back patio or under a gazebo? Situating your hot tub in an area that has easy access will ensure that you make good use of your spa for years to come!
  4. What color do I want the interior and exterior of my spa to be? There are a wide variety of colors to choose from, but make sure your choice is one that you can see yourself enjoying long term. Much like a harvest gold stove from the 1980’s, you might love your spa color choice today, but will you still love it 5 and 10 years from now
  5. What kind of chemicals do I want to use? Spa chemicals are critical to keeping your spa water sanitized and properly balanced. You have choices about what type of chemicals to use, so educating yourself on the difference between bromine and chlorine will be important in making a decision about which one is right for you and your family

In Conclusion

Hot Tubs offer a tremendous amount of pleasure and relaxation, particularly after a long and stressful day. Having a peaceful hot tub soak to look forward to can melt your cares away. If you’re still not sure how to start your hot tub purchase project, please contact one of our three showrooms and talk with one of our Haven Hot Tub Sales Experts.