Easy Hot Tub Cleaning Tips You Should Know

A hot tub is a terrific addition to any home, but just like anything else, it will need occasional maintenance and care. It’s important for you to clean it regularly to ensure that the water and jets stay clean so that the tub will continue to operate efficiently for many years to come. Read on to learn about some easy hot tub cleaning tips you should know.

Always Remember To Drain and Turn Off Your Hot Tub

The most critical and often forgotten part about giving your hot tub a deep clean is that you must power off and drain the hot tub. However, before draining your spa, you should consider flushing the lines with a special cleaner. This is because the pumps and jets in your hot tub run extremely hot, making them the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and mold. Flushing the lines with the cleaner will help eradicate these problems in the areas you can’t normally access. After flushing the lines, you can drain the hot tub according to the manufacturer’s instructions for your hot tub model.

Get To Work

After fully draining the hot tub, you can now begin cleaning it. With your hot tub empty, you can spray the interior with a hot tub cleaner designed specifically to cut through any water lines that may collect. However, with that said, you should double-check your cleaners and ensure they work with your hot tub. Different hot tub shell materials, such as acrylic, rotomolded plastic, wood, and vinyl, have unique properties, requiring specific cleaning solutions. This specificity is essential for giving your hot tub the cleanliness it deserves while also ensuring it can stand up to the test of time. From there, you can thoroughly wipe out your spa as you prepare to refill it.

Take Care of Filters

After cleaning the interior of your hot tub and the pumps and jets, you can focus on the filters. These filters do a lot to keep your tub clean themselves, so you must also remember to care for them. If they’re over a year old, you should replace them entirely. If they’re less than a year old, you can take them out, place them in a bucket, and spray them with a filter cleaner. Then, you can rinse them out thoroughly with your hose. Don’t use a brush on the filters, as this can damage their effectiveness.

You should know these easy hot tub cleaning tips to preserve the hot tub’s lifespan without investing in repairs, replacements, or even a new hot tub. Cleaning is an important aspect of spa ownership, regardless of the model of the hot tub you own. But that doesn’t mean each hot tub or pool is the same. There are still many differences you should consider when shopping for a hot tub. Here at Haven, Spa, Pool & Hearth, we sell all kinds of pools and hot tubs in Portland. So, you can find the perfect one for you and your family!